Fantastic French Onion Chip Dip!


Now that spring is in full swing, and we’re ready to start firing up our grills.. it totally makes me think of chips and dip! I know you’re probably thinking.. Bri, what about potato and macaroni salad?! Yes Diamonds! Cold salads are always always on the menu to pair along with hot dogs, cheeseburgers, steaks, and anything barbecued, but on top of all that; chips are a necessity. It might sound kind of funny, but think about it.. have you ever been to a cook out, pool party, or just porch hanging with some sweet tea without chips involved? Something I always remember from summers during my childhood are my parents setting out chips, and snacks when my friends would come over to swim. They would never turn their noses up to chips and dip.. I mean come on? It’s an all American classic; just like a grilled cheese, or a burger! Displaying chips and dip at any warm weather festivity will forever go over perfectly.. you might even have to refill the bowls! I truly feel like most people think that chip dip is complication to make.. especially since the ones you buy in the store have so many ingredients in them, but to be honest.. they’re filled with preservatives, and a ton of needless things you don’t want, especially to make it taste good. You Diamonds will seriously be so thrilled with how simple this is to create, and how absolutely delicious it is. It by far is one of the best chip dips I ever ate in my life. That’s how good it is. Usually I’m the type to say “more is more” because I’m an extravagant person,  but in this case, being simplistic is definitely coming out as a winner!

Depending on how much you want to make.. if you’re filling a nice little ramekin as I did, or filling a big serving bowl, you’ll want equal parts mayo and sour cream.

  • I just did two spoonfuls of mayo and sour cream.. then salt and pepper to taste. Along with that yumminess.. I added seasoned salt, dried onions, dried parsley, and dried basil. I didn’t measure only because I was making such a small amount plus I usually always add seasonings only “to taste”, but if you’re making a large amount you can definitely do tablespoons for each cup of creamy sauce that you add in.
  • I thought this was the perfect opportunity to decorate the plate with “onion rings” and some unsalted chips. Yes, I did say unsalted. For all you salt lovers out there, you can surely grab the saltiest chips you have to dunk into the dip, but for me I don’t need the salt since we are pairing it with the salty dip!

After you mix it up.. you want to see little clumps of onions, and specks of herbs all through out the dip. Thats how you know it’s going to be outstandingly delicious! It’s cool, creamy, and full of delicious savory onion flavor!! What could be better? That’s right Diamonds, it’s HOMEMADE, and you know exactly what you’re putting into the food you’re making. Don’t get me wrong.. there’s special, unique options that you purchase from the store that you just can’t replicate, but when’t it’s better made from scratch, why not make it?! Now.. go get a fancy platter for yourself, fill it up with your favorite chips, or snacks and get dipping!

  • PS. Keep in mind… this dip is even amazing to pair with pizza and wings, or to top onto a baked potato. It’s a creative step up from your average dollop of sour cream! 

     Have fun dipping Diamonds!! 



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