Creamy and Peppery Tortilla Chip Dip.


Happy May 1st! April literally came and left. I don’t know where it went, and how it went so extremely fast! For this month, I decided to do a spicy series this week here on my blog in celebration of Cinco de Mayo in hopes that it will all give you a little inspiration to have some of your own festivities. Sometimes I’m honestly just craving a fun filled dip with some heat, alongside a lot of creaminess. This amazing, peppery dip soars and fulfills the taste buds every single time! It’s an awesome first course for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta as well!

  • Keep in mind Diamonds.. this week is all about spicing things up! 

You want to spread two packages of cream cheese all over an aluminum party platter tray, so that you can have something easy to place everything on, and you don’t have any goopy clean up when the dip is gone. You can simply just through the whole tray right away in the garbage! In the future when you’re attending parties.. putting to go food on trays like this is an overall WIN! 

     Pour a whole jar of hot & spicy salsa over our smeared cream cheese.


     The bright, fresh veggies you’ll need to cut and prep!

On top of the salsa.. let’s add a little crunch and texture! Layer all the chopped vegetables one after another.

  • Two red ripe garden tomato- small diced.
  • A small red onion- small diced.
  • One green bell pepper-small diced.

I think the options of using the red onion, tomato, and green pepper together look so beautiful, honestly. It even reminds of the colors in the Mexican flag! Really gorgeous!

Take an entire block of hot pepper cheddar cheese and freshly grate it. I know you can buy it shredded, and if that is what you have on hand thats okay, but I swear it’s just creamier when you grate it straight from the block! If you’ve never had shredded cheese like this.. you have to try it! It sounds insane, but you really could tell the difference eating it like that.

     I feel like it’s best to use the biggest side of the grater for this particular dip. You want to be able to taste it, you do not want it to be finely grated like parmesan cheese.


     Make it snow with cheese all over every little inch of this tangy dip!


Those lovely little fried triangles are trying to make an early appearance. šŸ˜‰

After the sprinkling of the cheese has finished falling.. place some dollops of guacamole all over the top of the cheese.

To kick the spice and flavor profile up, just a notch.. do ten or so dashes of your favorite hot sauce ALL over. Along with the hot sauce to balance out the hotness from all the heat, do a few sour cream dollops in-between everything else.

Of course a tortilla chip dip wouldn’t be complete without it’s ultimate partner.. the tortilla chip itself! In all it’s delicious, crunchy, salty, corn glory!

  • I think serving tortilla chips in a textured, wooden handmade bowl is the way to go. Absolutely!

This site looks like the most perfect first date I’ve ever seen. The chips look perfectly handsome.. while being a little nervous to dip right in, and the dip is looking saucy, sassy, but still very classy in her own unique way. šŸ˜‰

I hope that all of you Diamonds enjoy kicking off the start of Cinco de Mayo with me by creating this peppery dip! Remember to party hot this week, and keep it spicy!!



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