Beautiful BLT’s on Brioche Bread.


BLT’s have always screamed spring to me! It might be the smokey bacon, the fresh ripened Roma tomatoes, or the cool, crisp iceberg lettuce. It’s probably all of those things together to be honest because it makes the most irresistible, delectable sandwich that no-one can say no to. I think having snacks and sandwiches in spring time afternoons outside, listening to the birds sing underneath the warm sunlight, while relaxing on the patio is the most perfect scenario. If someone asked me what my perfect spring day would look like.. that would without a doubt be my answer. There’s so many countless ways that you could make a BLT your own, and amp up all the flavors. Truly.. it is one of my favorite things to take something that everyone loves, and elevate it to the highest possible level. Part of life is being creative and finding your own unique way of doing things, after all!

  • This definitely isn’t your average diner BLT! 

Take note.. that the most important part to a sandwich is ALWAYS the bread. The type of bread you pick to pair with the kind of sandwich you’re building is indescribably important. You want the texture and flavor of the bread to compliment whatever you’re filling the middle with! If the carbs you choose are not good, or are not fresh, it will ruin the entire thing, I promise you!! There’s no coming back from a sucky piece of bread thats trying to bond with flavorful fillings.. that’s like going on a blind date and sitting there awkwardly with nothing to talk about! Everyone hates that feeling! Lol.


Whether you’re spreading mayo on a BLT, or even a club sandwich; those are always two things that desperately need A LOT of mayonnaise. The lettuce, and juicy tomatoes that have a fruity note to them, need fat to cut through it’s acid, so that the flavors meld exceptionally together. Plus I love mayo so so much so the more for me… the better!



  • For two sandwiches I would use two tablespoons of mayonnaise. Use good mayo, not the low fat stuff! We don’t like fake things around here! πŸ˜‰  
  • As much fresh cracked black pepper as you would like! 
  • 1/2 teaspoon of dried basil. I would have LOVED to use fresh, but considering the circumstances right now, I used what I had in the pantry.
  • A few dashes of seasoned salt. Depending on how seasoned you would like it.. that’s how many dashes you can sprinkle in.

Of course you can not have a BLT without the B! That would probably be illegal. LOL. I am using turkey bacon because that’s what we have stocked in our fridge right now to cut back a little on some greasy meats, but I would suggest using regular bacon if thats what you love! I do agree though, that if turkey bacon is cooked well, and you pair it with fresh powerful flavors, whatever you’re creating will be delicious!


For the T, I’m using bright red, very juicy tomatoes. You want to make sure you are using really really ripe tomatoes. It makes the difference!


You can honestly use any crispy, leafy green that you would like! I love a fresh, thinly shredded iceberg lettuce. It works wonders and gives you that yummy crunch you’re looking for, without being bitter. I think butter lettuce is a great option as well if you would prefer that!


On one side of the toast, break three pieces of turkey bacon in half, so that there is bacon in every single bite that you take. I think the most important part of knowing how to build a good sandwich is realizing that there should be the same amount of ingredients in every bite. You never want your next bite to taste different than the taste. That’s like when you are indulging in a succulent sushi roll.. they tell you to pop the whole piece in your mouth at once, so that it can be all ONE unified flavor combination. You want to enjoy all the flavors of your sandwich together! Instead of putting the tomatoes on top of the sandwich next to the bread, which is done often as a mistake..put them on top of the bacon, so that they could be underneath the lettuce. This way, they are not slipping out of the sides the entire time you’re eating! That’s usually what happens when the wet tomatoes make contact with the mayo! Lastly.. pile your shredded lettuce on the top piece of the brioche bread.

Pretty piles of goodness… now time to top, and cut them! Don’t just cut your BLT in half without purpose; give it a dangerous diagonal slice! πŸ˜‰


I’m not sure if it’s because it gives me a rustic backyard, warm weather feel, but I love putting creations like these in wooden bowls. I love the look it gives, and how the textures of the sandwich pair so well with the color changes in the textural wood. It honestly is just a beautiful BLT on brioche! 


You Diamonds can not deny that your mouth is now watering for a sensational spring sandwich! Come on, don’t lie to yourself. πŸ˜‰ Since it’s heading to noon, and super sunny outside.. take a break from your desk, and go make yourself one of these babies. There won’t be any regrets.. you might even thank me for the wondering lunch you are about to encounter. πŸ™‚

  • Keep staying safe, be calm, and build beautiful sandwiches! 



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