Don’t Sleep On Pepper Jack Cheese!

If you Diamonds are not yet aware, I am a total and complete cheese connoisseur! I think the one cheese that is perfectly delicious, and flavorful in every way is sometimes forgotten in some ways! I truly feel like the spicy, hot, creamy, and smooth pepper jack cheese isn’t used nearly as often as it should be! This may be a cheese that intimidates you simply because you don’t want to make a dish too unbearably hot, or maybe you don’t ever even think of it sometime because like I said… it’s often left on the back burner in the cheese world.

  • I’m going to open your mind about pepper jack cheese, so sit back and get ready! 


  • Five wonderful ways you could use pepper jack cheese:
  1. Burgers or sandwiches! This cheese gives those things such exquisite flavor. It can elevate even the most simplistic grilled cheeses!
  2. Quesadillas and fajitas! I enjoy these dishes to have good heat to them, so using pepper jack cheese instead of regular cheddar cheese, or Mexican cheese always works out really great!
  3. Salads! This cheese is amazing to spice up any salad that you want to throw together! Especially summer salads!
  4. Hot pepper baked chicken! This is the most ideal cheese to add emended flavor to baked chicken! Shred it all up, sprinkle over chicken breasts with bacon crumbles, and ranch dressing, then top with scallions and diced jalapeños when it comes out of the oven!
  5. The classic cheese and cracker! My absolute favorite way, and the most simple way.. pairing this crumbly, creamy cheese filled with flakes of spicy dried peppers with salty, buttery crackers. I also love spicing it up even more by spreading some pepper spread on top of the cheese and cracker, or I love even popping a pickled jalapeño right on top like the icing on the cake!


Hopefully all these new and improved ways that you’re seeing you could get creative with pepper jack cheese inspires you to get inventive with it yourself! You could really get imaginative by creating a three course meal all revolving around the cheese itself. We have all been hearing about how this time should be used to express yourself, and figure out new things that you like, so why not try that with some spicy, hot pepper cheese? Spice up your days, and you’ll start feeling like you’ve really spiced up your life! Literally! Lol 😉


Published by

Briana Meshkofski

I have been obsessed with food photography, culinary creations, decor, and party planning since I could remember. I'm actually a gemini, and was born on June 17th 1994. So, this summer ill be alive for a quarter of a century.. which is pretty crazy to me. It reminds me though, that life doesn't slow down, and you should do whatever you are passionate about. This is why I cracked open the next chapter of my life, and decided that in my high 20's, I want to put all my love into this blog; my brand, Deep Fried Diamonds. I would be honored for you all to join my on this journey! You definitely won't want to miss out. xoxo

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