Peanut Butter & Banana S’mores Dip!

YES Diamonds! Peanut butter and banana s’mores!! The ULTIMATE summer snack.. turned into a decadent dessert dip. What could be better than this? It’s sharable, warm, peanut buttery, chocolatey, and then topped with marshmallowy gooey goodness! It is unreal, and you are sure going to love dipping into this while relaxing around a crackling bonfire, watching the sun go down on a endless summer night! Memorial Day weekend is coming up very very soon, so if you want to impress your loved ones; this will be the absolute way to their heart!

  • It will satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings all summer long!


To create the filling that were going to spread on the bottom of the pie dish, you need to mash up one really ripe banana.


To add that classic peanut butter flavor we want to our mashed banana, you’ll need to put two heaping tablespoons of peanut butter in the bowl, along with one heaping table spoon of marshmallow fluff to add thickness, and sweetness!


Just so nothing sticks to the pan and gets gloppy, spray the bottom ever so lightly with butter spray.


After mixing the creamy banana creation together, spread it on the bottom of our greased pie pan with a mini rubber spatula.

For all you chocolate lovers out there.. this is the fun part! Pour an entire bag of milk chocolate chips all over the peanut butter and banana filling. Make sure you do use milk chocolate, and not semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips. Classic s’mores are piled together with a piece of milk chocolate, melting in between the marshmallows and graham cracker, so we want to replicate that smooth, irresistible taste! If you would use another kind of chocolate it’s going have a much more bitter taste, and you want this dip to be super sweet, but not overly sweet; which is why we aren’t using white chocolate either!

As for the important part.. spread out a half a bag of mini marshmallows across the top of the pie dish because what would s’mores be without sticky marshmallows? For aesthetic, and texture.. I sprinkled graham cracker crumbs on top for a garnish, and so that everyone could get the idea of what kind of dip it is at first glance!


Pop this pretty thing into the oven at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes depending on how brown and toasty you would like the top to be!


This pillowy, fluffy, and fabulous looking dip is ready to come out of the heat once it’s almost bubbly over the sides, but not quite!

  • Being that we topped it off with the graham cracker crumbs, it’s really going to give the marshmallows that crumbly, toasty flavor when you sail a bite into your mouth.

I mean.. you can just imagine how amazing this is going to taste by that beautiful brown color it got from toasting up so tastefully in the oven!

You can serve this deliciously, dangerous dip with a wide variety of cookies, and things to use to devour all its wonderfulness, but since there’s so much rich flavors going on in the dip alone, I wanted to keep it classical by just using original cinnamon graham crackers. 

  • You may use whatever you want to get as creative as you want, but just note that everything will be that much more rich, and this dip goes a long way indeed!

Dip, dip, dip! Dip, dip, dip! Dip that graham cracker Diamonds! You’ll thank me later 😉


Besides the graham cracker crumbs, I did go ahead and drizzle chocolate syrup over the top to make the presentation look even more incredible! Just when you thought something couldn’t get more exceptional, it goes and proves you wrong! Lol.


I could not be more excited about how insanely good this peanut butter and banana s’mores dip turned out! It’s just pure summer night perfection!! You can use this for any event all summer long, or even in the fall.. it would be a perfect touch to warm everyone up after a chilly evening cooking on the grill! Any way you try to turn it.. it will not disappoint you in the least! If you have a large enough crowd.. it will definitely be gone before your eyes.

  • It’s also funny to think about how we always imagine the words “hard”, “time”, or “impossible” when we see something that seems so luxurious and special, but come to find out that it really only takes five minutes to prepare, and fifteen to get s’mored-a-fied in the oven! None of those words pertain to this dish what so ever, and that’s exactly what I love so much about this dessert dip. It is beautiful and so so tasty in the most simplistic way ever! 

     Have the time of your life dipping into your dessert this Summer, Diamonds! 



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