Take Your Pizza and Macaroni and Cheese Over To The Grill!


     Barbecue chicken and macaroni & cheese Naan flatbread, drizzled with ranch for that extra ZIP! 

     Who doesn’t love carbs on carbs?! I mean seriously, there’s no possible way you can go wrong. Most people say their favorite food is pizza.. and everyone and their mother loves macaroni and cheese! It is the worlds best comfort food. Imagine the amazing explosion in your mouth of the two best foods in the world combined with barbecue chicken, and some other little goodies, fired on the grill!! It’s really one of the greatest things in the world that you will ever eat! It’s fun to create, and even more fun to enjoy! You Diamonds will love making this for “dinner for two”, or you can make multiple of them, then cut them up into bite sized pieces to serve as appetizers when you’re throwing a really great get together. It all depends what the occasion is since that will determine how many you need to make. If you are making these for a special reason, there is no doubt in my mind that they will be devoured within minutes. Your guests will be begging for more!

  • Since so many kids have just recently graduated from high school, or college.. this would be an amazing thing to make for your own house party, or possibly even to bring to a graduation party that you’ve been invited to. You will definitely be the light of the night walking in with this delicious looking barbecue chicken, and macaroni & cheese grilled pizzas!

This pizza looks super succulent, fancy, and really intense to put together.. it might even make the average home cook intimidated, but Diamonds, do not sweat this because I promise you that this is the fastest pizza recipe you will ever follow in your life.

  • Always remember: Even if something doesn’t take a long time, and the difficulty level isn’t shooting through the roof, that doesn’t mean something isn’t going to look and taste like you’re sitting down at the most ultimate, high class restaurant of your life!
  • You can use regular pizza dough, or make your own if you want to get crafty with it, but I love love love the taste, and texture of naan! 
  • On top the naan, drizzle with really good olive oil, salt, pepper, and dried parsley to begin the pizza making process!

You are welcome to use any kind of left over chicken, or even any meat you would like, but rotisserie chicken works wonderfully for this insane grilled pizza. Don’t use too much, or too little, and heat up with your favorite barbecue sauce. Then, spread it out all over the naan flatbread.


Besides the barbecue chicken, and macaroni & cheese.. there’s very few other ingredients, but extremely important ones. You want to chop up a hearty hand full of spinach for mild tenderness, and two whole scallions for a crisp onion bite!


      Sprinkle the chopped spinach all over the chicken!


If you don’t have Mac and cheese prepared, and you are planning on making this, then of course you would have to go ahead and chef some up! Fortunately, I had a bit left over from having it as a side dish the night before.

  • You are more than welcome to put less, or more on, but I do believe if you’d put more on.. it would be too over powering of the other flavors. It would feel like too many carbs are happening in your mouth, and while you may think that that’s an amazing thing, I’d rather taste ALL the fantastic flavors, than mostly just one.

Now! Even though there is obviously gooey cheese in the macaroni and cheese, you want to add different textures and flavors of other cheeses.

  • Shredded cheddar cheese– too add another layer of cheese, along with some stringiness that all pizza connoisseurs crave!
  • Parmesan cheese– I love parmesan and ranch together, so since we’re drizzling some on here I had to sprinkle a good amount all around! I think the saltiness of it goes really well on top of any kind of pizza as well.

If you are a lover of ranch, drizzle as much of it all over the top of everything that we put on the flatbread! Lastly, sprinkle the scallions for some onion flavor that was chopped up from earlier.

Move the pizza (carefully) out to the grill! Fire the grill up to medium low.. we don’t want to burn the bottom, but we want to leave it on long enough so that everything gets extremely crispy, and the cheese is of course, ooey-gooey!

  • Depending on what type of grill you have you might want to shut the lid on it for five minutes in the beginning to get everything covered with some powerful heat contact. Then, only leave it on as long as it takes to get the crust to the color that you want.
  • I left my flatbread on the grill for ten minutes!
  • Also, if you feel like your crust is done to your liking, but everything else isn’t.. turn the heat off, and close the lid for a few more minutes! It will for sure come out perfectly.

I mean…. come on Diamonds.. this looks like a dream!! I am drooling! 😉 That’s usually what happens when you mash two amazing dishes together. Sometimes it might even get a little more crazy, and we’ll do three, or four dishes mixed into one! Remember what I said I earlier as well.. just because something looks insanely inventive, and it intimidates you to make it doesn’t mean that you won’t be capable on doing so. Some of the most luxurious cuisine is the simplest, and thats the crazy truth! Most of the time it’s not about thinking into something that is trying.. it’s about thinking creatively. There are many times you could come up with something someone never even heard of, and it only contains two simple ingredients. I think the summer season is perfect for testing your culinary skills because if you like what you are creating, then you instantly have a new party platter to either take with you somewhere, or use at your own celebration! I think it’s easy to come up with new things in the summer as well since there is so much amazing produce in season! That could give you the chance to introduce people to fresh farm foods that they never even thought they knew how to use!

If you grill this flatbread pizza up this summer, or you Diamonds decide to grill any kind of pizza .. tag me on Instagram at “therealdeepfrieddiamonds”, so I could see all the deliciousness that you’s are enjoying!



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  1. I’ll have to try this soon

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    1. Absolutely! The girls would love it!


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