Sour Berry & Lime Sangria.


 One of my favorite summer mixers is hands down a sangria! It is the perfect drink to whip together for any summer bash, pool party, or accompaniment to sunset patio pickings! The one thing I adore most about creating a sangria is that you can mix literally any wine in the world with endless possibilities of fruit options together, along with a splash of a fizz. You cannot go wrong with having a pitcher of this displayed at your next big get together! This sour berry and lime sangria is just the right touch for your fourth of July festivities this year. I know, know.. it’s a bit early, but it’s never too early when it comes to planning parties. Early planning and preparing makes for a stress free, easy day to let yourself enjoy everything that you worked your buns off for!


If you have never made a sangria before, don’t fret.. it is the simplest thing in the world, and honestly pretty fun! 

Now .. you do not have to fill up the pitcher with the fruit as much as I did, but I always enjoy filling it half way, or so with the goodies! Then, I fill the rest up with the alcohol. 

  • Squeeze the juice of one whole lime into a fancy pitcher!
  • On top of the lime juice add blueberries, strawberries, and halved slices of one whole lime.

White wine for this is key, but if you are a red wine drinker that will absolutely be just as good!

It’s not just any white wine.. either.. it’s champagne, which is bubbly, delicious, and takes sangrias to a whole other level! Some people prefer sangrias a little more flat, and light tasting, but I definitely obsess over the carbonation. 

  • I used my favorite prosecco, but you could moscato for this as well. I would go for more on the sweet side when deciding your choice of alcohol though, opposed to something dry since we want to contrast the sourness of the lime juice.

Once everything has been added (besides some more yummy fizziness that we will add right before pouring into glasses) muddle the fruit into the liquid, so that all the flavors immerse out from one another.


Right before guests arrive at your party, top the sangria with lemon lime soda! You could use ginger ale as well if you’re a fan of that too! Either or works super amazingly!!

 Make sure when serving to add some of the fruit and citrus in each glass. If you have everything arranged to have guests help themselves to their own glass, make sure to add a wooden spoon inside to let them scoop out some of the fruit to enjoy!

  • Of course the drink itself is infused with all the fantastic fruit, but when the glass is finally empty (unfortunately) it’s nice to have a little treat of some boozy fruit snacks to munch on!

These fun filled glasses are sour, sweet, and thirst quenching. Most of all.. maybe it’s a bad thing, but you can figure that out between yourselves.. you can not even taste the alcohol! That may be a dangerous thing, but who doesn’t love a drink that tastes like a refreshing glass of infused juice?!

Sangria season is calling your name Diamonds! Let this be your first of the season, and maybe, just maybe.. you’ll love it so much that it will be your go-to all season long!

Have a ball blasting your sangria with ultimate flavors Diamonds!! If you recreate this for your next upcoming event, or The Fourth of July I would love nothing more than for you to share all your pictures with me, so make sure to take me in them on instagram at “therealdeepfrieddiamonds”! 





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