Strawberry Season has arrived and she’s wearing a crown!

Strawberry season is here, and I am totally living for it! As with every fruit.. we only love them when they are extremely ripe and juicy! Other than that.. they’re all just “okay” in my book, but fortunately this year the earth has blessed us with beautiful, flavorful, amazing strawberries to create whatever we like, and have it be the most yummiest dish in the world! There’s no disappointment like when you bring up fruit that’s supposed to be “in season”, and it tastes like it went out of season five long months ago. Happily this year, I am beyond thrilled to say that the strawberries you pick will not be a let down!


There’s so many times that we bring fresh fruit home from the farm, or even the market, and we let it go bad. Not purposely of course, but it just seems like because the days fly, and you’re trying to eat up all your fresh produce; sometimes it is hard to be able to eat everything up in time. The best way I know how to help you Diamonds eat all of your fruits and vegetables at their peak once you’ve picked them.. is writing a menu plan for all of them, and when you are purchasing your produce, don’t over buy! Only buy what you know you will eat, or what meals you have planned to use them. Believe you and me.. these strawberries are way to precious to let go to waste! Lol.

Of course you can enjoy these just as they are but, there are so so many different things you can do with them, and that’s the beauty of these babies! Truthfully, thats the beauty of all produce!


  1. Slice strawberries and cover with chocolate syrup and whipped cream! A classic, easy snack or dessert, and 100% kid or even date night approved! 
  2. Dip the strawberries in marshmallow fluff and Nutella! Arrange them on a pretty platter! You could make these for a sweet afternoon snack, or bring them to your next party that you’re invited to! They are something so gorgeous to show up with, but super simple to put together!
  3. Strawberry and spring mix salad with salty cheeses, nuts, and poppy seeds! You could really add strawberries to ANY salad you love, or would like to chef up, but strawberries go so amazingly with tender greens, and salty staples in the fridge, or pantry!
  4. A strawberry and brie cheese grilled cheese on crusty bread! I feel like any fruit, or jam goes so perfectly with brie cheese, and when you melt it with any sort of fruit it gets even better! With that said.. get creative, and turn two simple ingredients into something so elegant for a girls night in, or a Saturday brunch menu item.
  5. Strawberry shortcake! You can of course get really creative by becoming a pastry chef in your own home, and make a homemade cake, BUT I think the individual ones in the store that are shaped like a little pool floaty to fit a bunch of goodies in the middle are the best! So nostalgic!! All they are, are cute sponge cakes that give you the opportunity to set up a DIY berry shortcake bar, with all different kinds of berries, kiwis, chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and vanilla bean ice cream! It would be the absolute perfect accompaniment to your poolside summer bash!!
  6. Make your own strawberry jam! – It is a process, and you have to go through sterilizing the jars, but if you have the day to work on it, it will be a great project for the kids, or even yourself if you want to experiment with multiple berries/flavors!

I’m sure you Diamonds definitely can’t wait to kick start your summer with some succulent, sweet strawberries now, and spend some time with your loved ones adding some sweetness to every dish you make!! 🙂

Enjoy the beginning of your summer festivities, and stay and sweet! 😉 



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