Trips To Farmers Markets In The Summer!

Last summer I created a blog post about my love for in season, locally grown produce, but honestly I have been making my rounds so much that I just felt compelled to share with you, Diamonds!

In my eyes there is absolutely no reason in the world to get your fresh vegetables, and fruits at the grocery store during these summer months. It’s always super overpriced, and you have no idea where it’s all coming from, or if it’s actually even going to taste that great. Sometimes even if the piece of produce is in season.. it just might not be so good from the type of weather it received wherever it had the chance to grow. By getting everything you need at the farm, the owners there will be more than happy to tell you everything they know about the produce they are selling; from where it came from, to what it tastes like, or if it needs to ripen a little more for you before enjoying!


Since the end of may, I have not missed a trip to the farm at all! In fact.. I have been there multiple times a week with different friends, and family members who also love to go with me to see what I adore, and what I’m going to be making with each individual piece of luscious, fresh ingredients that I purchase. I definitely want to give tomatoes a shout out this season, first and foremost. They are literally incredible! I also love cooking with tomatoes, and laying slices down on my avocado toast, but they are super succulent this season that I don’t even have to do anything with them. I just take a knife to it to make nice cuts, and slices, pour some good olive oil over top for looks, and silkiness, then finish it off with everything but the bagel seasoning to devour!! If you don’t eat seeds due to medical reasons, or you just don’t enjoy them, you can always just sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper, and be good to go. Honestly for me though.. everything but the bagel seasoning has truly been my go to lately, especially to top of my breakfast, or brunch with!


Every time I go to the farmers market I always change around what I pick up because most likely they also changed what the have out as well, considering everyday they get new things in that ripened. Other than the tomatoes that I always get time and time again because I go through them so extremely fast, I love to decide on what to choose by seeing what I could place on crudité boards, or salads. It makes me excited to brain storm while I’m there to see what I am in the mood to eat since you never want anything to go to waste. Once your bring everything home, you want to make sure you eat it all within a few days to a week at most!


  • Potatoes– I love getting potatoes from the farm. They’re always super fresh, fluffy, and creamy.
  • Tomatoes- Of course 😉
  • Strawberries– These strawberries were very very tiny, but I figured I’d give them a go. I don’t know if it was because of their size, or because I didn’t get a chance to eat them right away, but I was wishing that they were just a bit more sweet than they were. They were still great though. Very soft, and paired nicely with brie cheese. TO NOTE:  strawberry season is coming to it’s end, so if you’re looking for them from the farm, go as soon as you can! 
  • Sugar Snap Peas: I love love love peas. In any form they are just awesome. You can do so much with them, and I sincerely love throwing olive oil, and garlic all over them, and popping them in the air fryer. (sneak peak of a recipe coming soon 😉 )
  • Vidalia Onion: I always enjoying picking up onions at the farmers market because you get what you want; which is an insane onion flavor, and I love them on the grill!
  • Green Bell peppers: Pepper season isn’t until the last summer/fall season, but the green bell peppers now are great for sautéing with potatoes, grilling for sausage and peppers, or cutting in strips to dip in homemade ranch dressing by the pool.
  • Cheese Curds: Cheese curds at my local farm is so delicious. I love them so much, and they’re amazing to just sit and pick on with a few crackers, and pieces of pepperoni. They are even tasty next to some cut up carrots and celery.

I love nothing more when the weather is at it’s summer height to put on a colorful outfit, and head to the farm to get all the produce I can ever want until I eventually need more! I enjoy eating pretty clean as well whenever I can, so choosing your produce from local establishments are your best bet if you want to be aware of what exactly you’re putting in your body. If you have a day to come and go as you please to enjoy the weather, make your way to each one of your local farms with a nice big wooden basket! (You’ll need it!)  You will be so happy that you did, and you Diamonds are guaranteed to have as much fun as I do when I go.



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