Best Eats at The Best Pub!


This is probably one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It was absolutely glorious of course in that moment that I took this photo as well because I got to enjoy all these stunning little plates of amazingness. Food photography at it’s finest right here. Last year at this time a cigar pub that has a full bar and serves delicious small plates opened up in my area. I just recently got the chance to go during this summer to be able to sit on the patio, and enjoy cocktails, along with wonderful food to share with my girlfriends. It was incredible to say the least. Aside from me just sharing with you Diamonds what I love to cook, I also want to get involved more with letting you know what I love to eat, even when I don’t cook it. There will be many instances of me doing these “food critic” posts, but they will always be super positive! I will never, and would never share about something I don’t genuinely love, or believe in whole heartedly. I thought it would be such a fun thing to start getting involved in to inspire every single one of you to try different things, and to dine at different places.


Farthest back: Goat cheese and prosciutto flatbread with blackberry balsamic glaze. Diamonds, let me just tell you that this was mouthwatering. I’ve had regular balsamic glaze before, along with strawberry balsamic, and even raspberry balsamic, but this blackberry balsamic hit different. It had a tart note while still being insanely sweet, without being overbearing, and the creaminess of the goat cheese, along with the saltiness of the prosciutto complimented it so so well. 

Middle, right: Cheese and meat Charcuterie board. This type of eating is my favorite way to eat, which you Diamonds honestly probably already know because I rave about it so much! LOL. Everything on this board was delicious, although I am not a huge fan of aged provolone cheese (I know, I know. That’s usually everyone’s favorite). I just for some reason can’t really get past it’s strong taste, but the gouda, and the blue cheese was so mild and creamy, so it went great with the fatty, salty meats! On this board, along with many others.. even ones that we all make for gatherings; you need olives, mustards, dips, fruits, or anything that has acid in it to counteract the other filling flavors that are the stars of the charcuterie board.

Middle, left: Fried Arancini Balls.  (cheesy rice balls that are seasoned, battered, and fried) These were beautifully presented. Everything else was all well, but I appreciated how they laid a spoon full of the roasted red pepper sauce on the bottom, then piled them one by one, on top of each other like a mini pyramid! It was very pleasing to the eye. They didn’t just stop there either! They made it snow with delicious shavings of good parmesan cheese. Decorating the plate with something let’s you know that most of the time, that ingredient is also inside of whatever you are being served, and if you never knew that before, now you do! Watch out for it from now on, and you will start to catch on that at fine dining restaurants especially, they do that often!

Middle, front: Pulled Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad. This was honestly the best caesar salad that I’ve had out at restaurant to date, and believe you and me.. I try my caesars salads everywhere I go. I love them, and while I do make it at home, I don’t make it too often because I can’t really keep the dressing long due to the fresh anchovies that I use. Yes, Diamonds if you weren’t aware there are anchovies in your caesar salad, and before you tell yourself you’re never going to eat it again, or you don’t like anchovies. THINK AGAIN! That flavor is one of the very main reasons that this salad is so dang succulent! This salad was classic with a smoked twist, and I straight up adored everything about my experience while enjoying it!!


A closer look at the wonderful, glorious, textured, eye pleasing charcuterie board! You can for sure never go wrong when ordering this when you’re with a crowd since it’s super shareable, and there is truly something on it for everybody!

Aside from the food we did order, there was so much on the menu I wanted to try. I will certainly be going back for more, and more amazing experiences at this Best Cigar Pub. If I’m being perfectly honest with you, there wasn’t anything on that menu that I wouldn’t have ordered! It was just the ultimate patio experience, even down to the service, and how careful they were with making sure you were safe while dining there.


Listen to me Diamonds! Even with the regulations that are still going on in this world.. I encourage you to go experience things that are worth experiencing!! While still being careful of course, I think it is super important to enjoy life, and take everything in that it has to offer. Eating at the best places in your area, or even outside of your area should always be on your list of summer activities. Something we all can come together with is the fact that we can’t survive without food, we all love to eat, and food brings loved ones together!

On a summer night in the near future, make sure to make reservations at a restaurant, pub, or bistro that you’ve been craving to try! When you do make the opportunity, do not hold back! Order plates off the menu you’re not sure of because maybe that will be your new favorite food in the whole entire world. It will also allow you to open up your mind to other things you thought you’d never be into!




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