Cool & Creamy Dill Cucumber salad


As summer comes to an end, so do my sensational, and super succulent summer time salads. Whether you’re enjoying them during the day next to the pool while laying under the cabana, or for a side during a late night dinner, paired with a bright red sangria next to the fire pit.. it is a full on summer side dish, and cannot enter into the fall season! Therefore, we have to indulge in all of the cool, creamy, and dill filled cucumber salad that we possibly can until September 1st! Now, I know, I know.. fall doesn’t truly make it’s officially appearance until the near end of September, but as soon as the first month of autumn hits I totally change my brain into fall mode!! That’s just who I am Diamonds. šŸ˜‰

 Cucumber salad has always, always been a summer staple. For as long as I can remember I’ve continued to serve myself  large spoonfuls of this at every barbecue I have ever attended since I was a child. The proper way to conduct this delicious salad is to have a light, and creamy dressing lathered around crisp and cool cucumbers, garnished with fresh chopped dill, and smokey paprika! Paprika is the ultimate garnish to top of mayonnaise based salads. It’s really just such a great combination, and taste!


When creating a dressing for a salad we don’t often think of adding texturized food into it, but in my opinion that’s definitely what flavors it best! Chop a half of a vidalia onion extremely fine, so that it can help marinate the cool, creamy dressing!


For this specific salad, don’t just use any old cucumber. If I were you.. to avoid seeds, and harsh skin.. use a Persian, or English cucumber instead of American slicing cucumbers that have tough skin, and huge seeds. If you wanted to remove the skin from any cucumbers that you are using, you’re welcome to it. Although, I wanted the skin kept on so that it would add a pop of bright green, grassy colors!

The number one thing you want to make sure of when making a salad like this is that it is not watery! That won’t be appetizing what so ever, and it will ruin the whole appeal of the dish! 

  • To avoid wateriness: Grab a colander, and place it in the bottom of your sink, then line it with paper towels while placing all the sliced cucumbers on top of it. Sprinkle all of the cucumbers generously with salt, and let them sit for a minimum of a half hour! The salt will release the water from the cucumbers, leaving you to make a gorgeous thick, creamy salad!

This delicious off-white sauce is impeccable, and pairs wonderfully with the snap of a cool cucumber!

Sauce ingredients:

  • One cup of mayonnaise.
  • Two tablespoons of vinegar.
  • The minced onions you diced earlier.
  • Two tablespoons of honey.
  • A dash of milk.
  • Salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and dried parsley.
  • Chopped fresh dill.

Mix the drained cucumbers in with the sweet, onion dressing, and spoon it all into a decorative wooden bowl! As you Diamonds already know, I love contrasting textures and colors when serving!

  • As I mentioned earlier, top everything off with a colorful coating of paprika, and chopped dill.

I adore white dressing covered salads inside of brown wooden bowls. It looks super summery and Tuscany, which is absolutely my vibe when it comes to something like this. I hope you Diamonds enjoy all of the summer salads that you can before we’re covered in scarfs under the chilly air, walking on cobble stone in beautiful boots, and eating all the fall comfort food that’s around us.



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  1. LLM says:

    Great Idea!!! Looks so Delicious!!!

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