The last of the summer produce is getting washed away.

Unfortunately the fresh supply of summer produce is coming to a very upsetting end. If you Diamonds have been around for quite some time.. you already understand my love for farm fresh ingredients during the summer time. Even though theres nothing like the farm in the summer, there is also nothing like the farm in autumn, but in a completely different way. In the absolute best way possible though! 


Speaking of “washing away”.. not only is the summer season on it’s way out, and everything that comes with it, but it’s extremely important that you wash everything off that you get from the market as well! I think there are many times people think because it’s fresh, and hasn’t been everywhere and beyond before it arrived at that grocery store that you don’t have to really wash off your produce. That is absolutely incorrect, and if you’re wondering why.. I am here to answer all of those flying questions.

Why it’s extremely important to wash you fruits & vegetables: 

Contamination that causes harmful bacteria- Unfortunately during the growing process of all produce.. there’s many things that can happen is the cross-contamintion world.

  • Animal contact– Animals eating parts of what’s growing, or even going to the bathroom where things are being harvested.
  • Poor personal hygiene– farmers who have poor hygiene, and are not taking care of themselves while harvesting these crops. They may not have washed their hands, or cleaned themselves after using the bathroom. At times even worse… they may have even went to the bathroom on the crops while they were growing because there sometimes isn’t a restroom near by where they are planting. It is a sad and disturbing thing to hear, but it is true, and that’s exactly where we get the chance to receive bad bacteria in the body that creates life threatening diseases.
  • The diseases we can all receive from not washing our produce carefully and cautiously are salmonella, E.coli, and listeria. 

Not only do we want to wash everything we consume off of dangerous germs in the summer, but that’s what we need to do all year long! As I said it’s very sad about the summer season drifting away, but we have fall to look forward to. The fall season is just as great as summer, and honestly maybe even a little better! It is my most favorite time of the year, and if I made any of you Diamonds obsess over getting your produce from the farm in the during this season, you’re going to be even more obsessed when you have fresh crisp apples, and orange pumpkins laying all around everywhere you turn while searching for the most wonderful harvest gatherings. It’s the best, most comforting time for me! The utter joy I have when I think about stepping foot into the pumpkin patch at the end of September is beaming through! I will be documenting the entire day when that happens, and I will have an amazing blog post up for you Diamonds right after!!



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  1. denise421win says:

    You are right, we need to be concerned

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  2. LLM says:

    Thank You for the great advice. Very Helpful!!


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