Linguine Tossed in a Beautiful, Bold Blush sauce!


Who doesn’t love pasta? It’s got to be the ultimate comfort food! The magical thing about it is that you can mix it with anything in the world.. even something as little as a stick of butter, and a healthy handful of parmesan cheese! Thats probably one of my favorite, most simple pasta dishes in the world. BUTTERED NOODLES! Although that’s for a whole entire other blog post, I still wanted to let you in on how truly simple, but succulent noodles, and just one easy peasy pairing can be! Besides butter and olive oil.. my favorite ingredient to add into a sauce for some pasta is milk, or even cream if you choose to be more decadent.. to make a wonderful, whimsical blush sauce!


A blush sauce is mixing the best of both worlds into one unique symphony! It’s putting everyones two favorite sauces together from the two most traditional pasta dishes on earth.

  1. The classic red sauce. 
  2. The creamy dreamy cheesy Alfredo. 


I start everything out by grabbing the best bowl for the dish! I mean tell me Diamonds.. how much more perfect can the presentation get when your guests scoop the last couple noodles out of the bottom of the bowl to find that the platter spells “spaghetti”?! Super adorable if I do say so myself! I’m a very themed and seasonal person, so anything that goes with what I’m cooking is always going to be showcased. There’s no doubt about that! 


Before even beginning your pasta sauce.. bring some water to a boil in large soup pot!

  • When the water comes to a rapid boil, seriously salt it (like the sea) and pour your linguine in!


     Chop up one white onion, and a red bell pepper into a medium dice. Also, mince up two gloves of garlic. You can use more, or less garlic if you’re a lover of it, or you don’t have to add any if you don’t so much care for that punch of flavor. Totally up to you on that one Diamonds!


  •      Saute the vegetables in a pan coated with olive oil, and two tablespoons of butter.
  •      Season with salt, pepper, and some shakes of oregano.


After sautéing on medium heat for ten minutes.. add Italian seasoning, and chopped parsley flakes!

After the herbs, you are now ready to add in the creamy goodness into it all!

  • Pour in 1 1/2 cups of milk, or heavy cream in! If half and half is what you prefer to either of those you can use that as well.


    On top of the simmering goodness.. pour in one cup or so of tomato sauce.

Right after you mix in the tomato sauce with the cream, you can toss in the linguine, and then also add in a bunch of parmesan cheese! That’s whats going to make this sauce extra special. I am that person that thinks cheese makes everything better! 😉 I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who agree as well!


      Just a little close up so you can see how beautiful, and bold these flavors look! 


When the pasta sauce looks a little light still around the pasta, let everything simmer on low heat giving it time to come together. The sauce will thicken up, and get darker in color. That’s exactly what you want! You’ll only need to let it sit on the stove for just about ten minutes to let all of that take place.

This big, bold and beautiful bowl of linguine tossed in a succulent seasoned blush sauce is pure pasta perfection! It is perfect for dinner parties, Sunday dinners, a luxurious date night, or just a nice little week night family gathering! Really.. it’s just perfect for anything, and everyone will love it so so much! You can garnish this beauty will oregano, and chopped parsley flakes.

  • If you diamonds are curious as to what delicious looking salad is peaking through from the background.. it’s a pretty peach and nutty bacon concoction that will be up here on the blog within the next few days! It was super yummy, and an amazing way to end peach season!!




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