A nutty White peach & bacon green leaf salad.

If any of you Diamonds have a pile of very ripe summer peaches about to go bad.. don’t throw them, or just eat them on their own..that’s too basic! I know as each season starts to come to an end, we end up getting sick of the seasonal fruit, so eating them like an apple just doesn’t do it for me because I’ve already indulged in it so much while everything was at it’s peak. This is the time where you need to get creative! You can even do a grilled peach pizza topped with ricotta as well. That would be absolutely sensational! In this case I decided to toss some wedges of white peaches on a pile of leafy greens, paired with some salty, smokey bacon. I love sweet & salty so much. It truly is one of the best, most sophisticated tasting combinations of all time! It goes way far and beyond just combining dark chocolate, and sea salt. Even though that’s simply scrumptious in it’s own way, this is kicked up a notch! Some people don’t love fruit in their salad, but the punch of sweetness that these white peaches give to this salad is unreal.

One of the only things you really have to prepare for this dish is the bacon. I used turkey bacon because that’s something I always always keep in the house, and let’s be honest.. I try to keep it as healthy as possible, BUT if you’d like to go all out definitely don’t let me stop you! Use your favorite regular thick cut bacon. It’ll give it that fatty zip that a salad is longer for at times, especially when paired with fruit.

Aside from the beautiful bacon, and the pretty white, juicy peaches that I love oh so much .. you always need a slight cheese flavor in your salad. Whether that would just be a sprinkling, or crumble of something, I always feel like it’s not a completed salad without some sort of cheese added to it. In the middle of the green leaf pile, I chose to add a small garnishing of finely grated parmesan cheese. This type of cheese goes perfectly with fruit, nuts, and greasy bacon crumbles! If you’d rather not include a salty cheese because of the bacon, you can choose some sort of creamy cheese to lay over the middle of the bed of greens. A few slices of brie, or crumbled goat cheese would be super superb! It all depends what you have on hand, what you love paired together, or sometimes.. what you’re in the mood for!

The only thing left that this pretty little salad needs is a few kalamata olives, and a few tiny piles of trail mix for that crunchy bite that we look for within a salad especially when theres no crunchy vegetables, or anything like that being incorporated. Lastly comes the very delicious vinaigrette! This vinaigrette doesn’t require any mixing.. although you are mixing things together that usually most don’t think of. Most of the time people usually do an actual dressing, or oil & vinegar.. where as for this creation, I did both! I chose a tangy Italian dressing to drizzle over the top, along with some really good olive oil, and a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice. You Diamonds also know that I finish every salad off with some salt & pepper to taste! It also makes the fruit look really elegant with little specs of freshly ground black pepper on top. The seasonings believe it or not, bring out the sweetness even more than usual!

Who new sweet & salty would be based off of a salad recipe?

This was indeed the salad that you saw peaking through in the background of my last post. I paired this with the wonderfully bold pasta tossed in the beautiful blush sauce, and it was so so amazing together. Since the pasta was a tad creamy from the milk, and parmesan cheese, this was the perfect accompaniment to add that tangy element. It gave the meal a pop of freshness, and juiciness that I think all pasta dishes long for considering it’s usually a pretty filling, and hearty meal!




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  1. Debbie says:

    Looks Great! May I have your antipasto recipe that you make 😊


    1. Thanks! Yes, the recipe should be 14 posts ago, and it’s titled “The classic antipasto salad, done right!”


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