A Fall Filled Cozy & Couture Centerpiece For All Your Autumn Celebrations!

Throwing a fall filled festival in the comfort of your own home is not just about the food. Okay, okay it’s a HUGE part of it, but the decorations, and tasteful touches are what marries everything all together! You can’t have a party without delicious treats, but you also can’t have a party without delightful pieces scattered around the room filling your eyes with harvest happiness! I think within the past year of me having this blog.. especially if you’ve been following me for that long, it’s obvious how much of a foodie I really am, but I am also that much of an interior enthusiast as well!! I am in love with all things decorative, design, and anything that has to do with kicking a party up a notch!

Centerpieces can really fill up a room, and showcase the theme of whatever event you are hosting, or celebrating. Whether it’s a seasonal gathering, or a special occasion to celebrate someone very special in your life, a centerpiece is a piece that is a definite MUST! You can place one of these on a kitchen island, in the middle of the kitchen counter in-between all of the delicious hors d’oeuvres to dress everything up a bit, on the dinning room table if you’re having more of a formal sit down dinner, or even to add a dash of fall decor to a bar cart, or bar! There really is endless possibilities of creativity when it comes to where to sit a centerpiece, but there’s also really no wrong way to make one either.

THIS however, happens to be my favorite way of creating the most perfect cozy centerpiece, and I think it’ll be yours too!

  • The first step is getting a beautiful tray, basket, platter, or a big beautiful board! It can surely be any color, or material that you choose, but I think a rich, luxurious wooden feel is the most impeccable for this time of year!! It ties in all the warm aspects of fall that we want it to!
  • After finding what you’re going to use as a base, you have to figure out what to fill it with! I think the best way to start that process is to find something a little larger than everything else is going to be to place is the middle as a focal point! It can be some sort of spooky glass skull, a decorative autumn sign, or a wooden pumpkin just like the one I chose! Whatever you choose to put in the center is the theme you want to stay with to fill in the rest of the tray, along with contrasting colors!
  • I chose to add pops of all different colored gourds and leaved garland, along with beaded garland to add a touch of texture!

I absolutely love how this centerpiece gives such fabulous fall vibes, and brings such warmth to whichever room, or space you choose to place it in the house. Centerpieces can really bring a room into full force for a party, gathering, or soiree! Sometimes when people are setting up for an event they’ll have seconds thoughts about why something doesn’t look a certain way, or why the room doesn’t look as pulled together as it should. Most of the time it’s because they’re missing a centerpiece, or it’s just not the right size.. possibly not even put in the right place. Everything detail, and every spec of decor matters when it comes to decorating your home, and elevating it for a harvest bash!



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