A stunning sushi board! For two.

If you Diamonds don’t already know, which you probably do if you’ve been following the blog for some time.. I love love love sushi! If it was a healthy thing to do I wouldn’t mind indulging in it every single day for the rest of my life! It’s such a luxury for me, and I usually don’t go more than a week without eating it. That might sound crazy to some people, especially for those who are totally against even trying it, but I always say..“you only live once”, so why not try everything that you can because you might just find your new favorite food!

Of course you can just eat you sushi right out of the take out containers that they come in, but what’s the fun in that? You Diamonds know I love having fun, making any platter into a party, and any meal into a board, so whenever my boyfriend & I order sushi I go above and beyond to make it as adorable as I can for us to enjoy!

Four Steps For Making The Most Perfect Sushi Board:

  1. First things first! Order your sushi, of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know this may look like a lot of sushi, but it’s actually only five rolls, and when you’re sharing with a male who loves to eat, and the regular portion of sushi is two-three rolls per person.. it makes a whole lot of sense! Whenever we order our rolls, we definitely try to pick a wide variety of different kinds..cooked, raw, fried, some with veggies, and others with cream cheese!
  2. Once you pick up your sushi ..you have to arrange it in such a beautiful manner, so that it looks super inviting, and gets you all excited to dive right in!
  3. Sauces: I know this isn’t the most important thing to everyone, but my whole entire life.. I have loved dipping sauces/condiments! Therefore, pairing sauces with my sushi is extremely necessary for having the ultimate board experience! Some people don’t prefer soy sauce with their sushi, but to me.. when you pair it with a shrimp tempura roll, or any others that are fried, it just works wonders for your taste buds! Eel sauce is delicious to me as well since sometimes you’re craving a tad bit of sweetness to bring a contrast to the full-flavored fish. The final sauce that I for sure can not live with out, and have to have with my sushi every time I eat it is spicy mayo. This sauce goes well with literally every single roll that exists, and if you’re as obsessed with sriracha as much as I am.. this condiment is the one for you! If you are a ginger and wasabi fan those things must be presented on the board as well!
  4. Pour yourself a glass of wine or sake, and take this board over to the couch with your loved one to get ready to dig in!

This sushi board for two is absolutely great for two (obviously); on the other hand you could also order three or five more rolls, and put it out for a centerpiece at a summer party, and have people pick pieces off of the tray as they sip on their mango margaritas! There’s truly nothing that can make people more excited at a party than walking into a big board filled with sushi! It’s the perfect type of board to present at your New Years Eve party this year (even if there’s only a few of you) you can still have a bash while you drown yourself in some delicious seafood, and clink champagne glasses while you wait for the ball to drop!

  • I really feel like it is always super nice to present food in such a way that it can almost take place of a decoration! Being that I am immensely into decorating my home, it makes me automatically want to do the same with my food! Regardless if I’m actually going to be enjoying the food, or not I still always make it a goal of mine to display food in the best possible way that I can. Especially with Christmas coming up.. you Diamonds will be seeing much more of how I arrange different boards, and display different food items on key kitchen ware pieces that I love using! This holiday season is going to be iconic! I hope you are all anxiously awaiting the wonderful recipes, and party planning ideas that will be coming!



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  1. Deb says:

    Looks Delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much!


  2. LLM says:

    Love This Presentation!!!! I may just try Sushi for the first time now!!! You make it look so indulgent!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe that sounds awesome! Thanks!!


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