A Christmas Cookie Board For National Cookie Day!

Happy National Cookie Day Diamonds! Since it’s December, and the Christmas season is HERE, we’re celebrating our love for cookies with this gorgeous, wintery board filled with my most favorite cookies for the season! As I am the biggest foodie, and lover of all things having to do with party planning.. I don’t have the same love for sweets. I know what you’re thinking Diamonds, but let me explain!! As for savory food, I am not a picky eater what so ever! I will actually eat just about anything, and everything. I’m obsessed with trying new things to figure out what is all out there that is amazing in this life to indulge in! Now, on the sweeter end of the spectrum.. I most definitely am more picky. Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of pie, puffs, eclairs, anything overly sweet, or things that have coconut & nuts inside of them! Luckily though for cookies… I will eat them until the day I die! Cookies and brownies are my thing, and you Diamonds will grow to learn that as this blog progresses!

During this time of the year, it’s really an exciting moment when that bell goes off in your head reminding you that it’s cookie season! Especially for cookie lovers, that sounds like music to the ears! I love all cookies all year long, but in the month of December I gravitate more towards those delicate, and delicious assorted Christmas cookies. It would be one thing if you could get them all year long, but then they wouldn’t be near as special, so when their time has come.. I must indulge!

Aside from these divine, little nibblers that are from the best Italian restaurant that I have ever been to in my area, I had to also include chocolate cookie sandwiches, and fudge stripes because they are so so nostalgic to me! All you need to enjoy this tray of wonderful festive cookies are some cozy pajamas, a cold glass of milk, and a seat in front of your very twinkly Christmas tree! This would be something glorious to bring to someone as a generous holiday gift to let them know you are thinking of them, or to serve on Christmas morning to the kids while they open their presents! No matter which way you decide to serve this board.. just know there will be no wrong way! It will be great anytime, anywhere! I actually grew up in a big Italian family where it was pretty much a tradition to have plates of cookies and chocolate covered candies on the table around the holidays at all times, so this board is really comforting to me!

Get Cozy This Evening Diamonds & Have A Very Happy National Cookie Day!


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