Uncle Pete’s Confetti Chip Ice Cream!

I know you Diamonds might be wondering who Uncle Pete may be after reading the title. He is my Uncle who I had a very close relationship with ever since I was a little girl. He understood me, had the best humor, and made lots of memories with me as I grew up into the woman I am today. Unfortunately .. he just recently passed, and left us with sad hearts, and tears in our eyes. Knowing the man he was, and the way he acted.. he wouldn’t want me doing anything else other than what he thought I was best at. Everyone in my family knows how much passion I put into this blog, especially him! He would sit and read my blog all day long, talking about how good this was, and how awesome that looks which I appreciated more than anything, and I will never ever forget that he did that. Uncle Pete was truly my number 1 fan when it came to any project I was working on! Since he loved Deep Fried Diamonds so much I wanted to do a post in honor of him!

There were many things that he enjoyed eating, but didn’t eat often because of health issues he battled throughout most his life. Being that he had Gerd.. he rarely got to eat his fried pepperoni on a hard roll smothered with melty provolone cheese that he loved so much. The one thing he did indulge in though; whenever he got his hands on it, was chocolate chip ice cream. Yes Diamonds, chocolate chip.. without the cookie dough! That was his favorite ice cream in the entire world, but sadly.. it was very hard to come by. Since it’s the holiday season and goodies can be eaten for breakfast without judgment throughout the month of December, I thought it was very appropriate to recreate the iconic creamy & crunchy chocolate chip ice cream with a slight twist!!

  • Instead of just milk chocolate chips that are always all over the creation, and added into almost every dessert.. I chose to experiment with a few other different kinds as well. You Diamonds know that I love nothing more than experiencing various flavors and textures when eating something. It makes enjoying food that much better!

Even though this ice cream is deliciously perfect, and while it was Uncle Pete’s favorite.. it is extremely easy to toss together!

First things first: Soften your favorite brand of vanilla ice cream, or if you’re someone that loves making your own, you can do that as well. It’s all about preference because everyone seems like they have such a specific type of taste when it comes to vanilla ice cream, or even chocolate for that matter.

  • If this recipe doesn’t catch your eye because you’re a chocolate ice cream person, and not a vanilla one, you are more than welcome to substitute the vanilla ice cream for chocolate!

Obviously you can not have chocolate chip ice cream without all the different kinds of chips!

Chocolate chips you’ll need for the recipe:

  1. 1/3 cup of dark chocolate chips for a bit of that rich, bitterness!
  2. 1/3 cup of white chocolate chips for a touch of sweetness!
  3. 1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips for that classic chip taste!
  • Mix the ice cream evenly together with all of the chocolate chips, then scoop it inside of a container to place in the freezer. You’ll want to let the ice cream harden up so that you can nicely serve it in a bowl since it needed to be softened prior to adding the chocolate.
  • If you are a chocolate lover, and insist on even more chocolate you may arrange a variety of chips on top just like I did as well!

Let the Confetti Chip Ice Cream set in the freezer for at least two hours!

Once the ice cream is completely firm again, you may scoop it into a delightful, decorative bowl and serve it however you like, with whatever you’d like!

Uncle Pete.. This one’s for you!!



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  1. LLM says:

    Uncle Pete is smiling down on you for sure. What a wonderful way to honor him. He would be so proud of you .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deb says:

    Awe I’m sure Your Uncle is shining down & Will live in Your Heart Forever.


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