A Sweet, Yet Smokey Birthday Brunch Board!

One of my boyfriend & I’s favorite brunch menu items is lox and cream cheese! His birthday had just passed and we wanted to celebrate with a relaxing brunch together at home instead of going out.. which sometimes we end up enjoying more! It all depends what kind of mood we’re in, but we’re always in the mood for a crusty, chewy smoked salmon bagel; smothered in cream cheese and adorned with all the most perfect toppings! It’s definitely one of his favorite dishes in the world, so I wanted to take one of the things he loves to eat most, and completely combined it with one of the things I love to create most in life. Of course, that had to a board!! Since the salmon is smokey & savory.. I wanted to counteract all of that with sweet, sensational wonders! Fresh fruit alongside a few sugary pastries are absolutely perfect to decorate all around any kind of brunch board.. especially this smokey one right here! Even if you’re not celebrating a birthday, you can create a board just like this to enjoy on a Sunday morning watching your favorite shows, or reading a book you can’t take your eyes out of.

You can build a cream cheese & lox open-faced bagel however you’d like, but I’ll share with you Diamonds one of my favorite ways to do so!!

  1. Start off with any flavor bagel you would like – It sounds a little off the wall, but I prefer an asiago cheese bagel! It takes the whole experience to an even more amazing level. The entire time you’re eating it you’re wondering what that extra punch of flavor is until you realize.. “it is the asiago cheese bagel!!
  2. Lather each bagel with plain cream cheese– I usually always pick plain cream cheese for this type of meal, but you can also use chive if you want to go above & beyond.
  3. One thinly sliced bright red tomato! I have eaten one of these without the tomato, and it is just totally not the same! You need the tomato!!
  4. The smoked salmon of course! 🙂
  5. Dollops of horseradish sauce to bring a zap of a different kind of spiciness that the smoked salmon longs for! They’re not the same exact thing, but wasabi and horseradish give off a similar burn!
  6. Capers to decorate the top with are a must! I love that salty-briney bite that you can’t find from anything else.
  7. Last but not least.. I always always finish with fresh herbs. I normally use dill all the time on top of smoked salmon just because it goes together like peanut butter & jelly. Then, I use either fresh chives, or scallions just as I did for Cody’s birthday board.

When creating any sort of board other than the two major things you want to fill it with.. you’ll aways get to decide upon “fill ins”. For this sweet smoked salmon board I filled it in with something that I thought was missing… chocolate for some romance and hot pepper Colby jack cheese for some spicy notes! You can of course fill it with anything you’d prefer, as long as everything is complimentary to one another! If it didn’t already cross your minds yet.. this board would positively hit the spot for a Valentines Day Celebration with a side of rosé!

Have A Sweet Time Board Building, Diamonds! 😉



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