An Exceptional Easter Bunny Charcuterie Board!

The most impeccable time to create these stunning charcuterie boards filled with goodies is the Spring season!They resemble an edible garden filled with meats, cheeses, produce, nuts, and sweet little treats that are longing to be celebrated while they are in full bloom. You Diamonds already know I am totally in love with all boards, platters, and trays no matter what they are adorned with. Regardless if I’m indulging in them or just creating them.. I am on could 9! They really are incredible for any event, occasion, celebration, or just to serve to enjoy a fresh start to an entire brand new season. Spring has sprung, Easter is around the corner, and this board is ready to be devoured!!

  • Prior to beginning the platter with all of it’s delectable food.. I find it’s easiest to lay out a plan for yourself. This is pretty much “board building 101”. I arrange the board with my greenery of choice. Since it is spring and this is an Easter themed board, I wanted this charcuterie board to resemble just that. ThereforeI sprinkled watercress all along the bottom of the plate to give whatever I lay on top some height and dimension. It’s also great for adding that pop of color in as well. When you start putting food on your platter, my biggest tip for you whether you are a beginner or not, is to start with the cheese. I cannot stress this enough! The cheese is always going to be a focal point on these boards, so it is perfect for your building plan if you know where you want the cheeses to sit before everything else.

Let’s first start with the top of the bunny platter! (Both ears)

  • Left ear: Inside of the white condiment bowl I placed some creamy parmesan bacon spread to get smothered on top of the pita chips, pistachio crisps, summer sausage, or even a slice of cheese. Yes Diamonds.. we know you can never have enough cheese, especially on a platter like this! On top of the spread I stuck in some slices of an orange bell pepper almost to mimic the look of rabbit hair sticking up. It couldn’t have turned out better! Then below the spread I decided to fan out some slices of Colby jack cheese so that it would be at the same height as the bell peppers.
  • Right ear: I copied the bell pepper trick onto this ear as well so that it would look identical and I think it turned out stunningly. I wanted to add some sort of cheese just as I did the other side so I placed half of a wedge of brie cheese next to some Summer sausage slices with the end facing downwards.

From the Head of the platter to the chin:

After finishing the ears, I knew I had to give it some more red/purple tints by adding some more Summer sausage, fresh grapes, juicy berries, and some rolled up prosciutto. What would a charcuterie board be with without it’s number 1 meat pairing?! I don’t know why, but something I have always done from the very first cheese board I ever created was the fact that I always always choose to have three different types of cheeses on board. LITERALLY. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You know the whole saying.. “two’s a crowd and three’s a party”.. yeah, that definitely is true when it comes to creating meat and cheese boards. Lol! For our third and final cheese I decided that some herbed goat cheese should join the party with Brie and Colby. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Those three definitely have amazing flavor profiles when paired along side one another.

  • Down at the very bottom of the platter (the chin of the bunny head) I thought it would be perfect to add a little line of color to the situation.
  • Strawberries
  • More slices of the orange bell pepper
  • Chocolate filled Strawberry shortbread cookies

Besides the greens that we used in the beginning, I garnished the platter with fresh bright green mint leaves. You could use parsley or rosemary, but I believe that there is no better garnish to use than these beautiful leaves. They’re perfect and totally scream Spring to me.

If you Diamonds choose to do things big and go above and beyond like I always do, you can even slice some green onion in half on a diagonal to cross over any of the white cheeses to create eye appeal. You may also slide in some pieces of marinated asparagus where you see fit. Asparagus and peas are the epitome of Spring!

I really hope that you Diamonds have the best Easter holiday with your family, friends, and all of the loved ones in your life! Perhaps a board like this will end up on your Easter Sunday table as the centerpiece for Hors d’evour hour since it is insanely gorgeous. You’d be impressing people tremendously if you did that! Plus, it’s an awesome way to start the meal and perfect for celebrating family time considering it’s versatility.

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