Oreo Strawberry Cream Cheese Dessert Cups

We all dream of that light, yet insanely satisfying Summertime dessert, but can just never come by it no matter how hard we try. I’m here to bless you with good news Diamonds! You can now wake up from your dream and enter into the world of sensational Summer desserts. This is a perfect dessert to display at dinner parties, fancy barbecues, midmorning brunch bashes, or cute little tea parties with your daughter and all of her girly friends! Not only are they the most yummy treats ever, but they look beautiful as well! These are so versatile they’ll never ever disappoint! I am even someone who usually doesn’t prefer to mix Oreo’s with fruit flavors, but this combination is exceptional! The cream cheese gives the dessert cup a cheese cake flavor, and the strawberries brighten everything up. It’s just honestly a great experience that everyone needs to try, especially if you’re skeptical to it! There’s nothing better than feeling like you won’t like something and then coming to the realization that you actually love it!

  • Start by taking those popular little dessert cups that everyone throws in their carts at the grocery store during this time of year!
  • Place a double stuffed Oreo into the center of each of the six cups. It’s like these cups were made specifically for this dessert that i created because the cookies were an absolute perfect, perfect fit!
  • You could also use the brownie flavored Oreos for this recipe, or even the vanilla ones would be great as well!

Now for the strawberry cream cheese sauce!

  • In a small sauce pot over medium-low heat, melt two tablespoons of butter and 1/4 block of whole fat cream cheese.
  • Then whisk in three tablespoons of strawberry jam and fully combined all of those ingredients.
  • When the sauce begins to come to a gentle simmer, mix in 5-7 strawberries cut into quarters.
  • Let the sauce simmer for another 10 minutes on low heat.
  • Shut the heat off and allow the sauce to cool down for a while on the back of the stove. 10 minutes should be long enough!
  • After the sauce has cooled for a bit, drizzle all of it over every single one of the dessert cups. Make sure to get a few pieces of strawberry on each one.

All these delicious, delicate little cups need are some whipped cream and crushed Oreos to top it all off and they’re ready for ANY Summer soiree.

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