Brandon’s BOO Board!

All of you Diamonds already know that I am charcuterie board obsessed, along with all other types of boards, but you may not know that my brother is just as obsessed as I am! Aside from loving boards layered with cheese and meat, he loves loves loves anything filled with spice and tons of heat! This “BOO” board is packed with lots of succulent salty meats, spicy cheeses, pops of vinegary bites with peppery flavors that hit you in the back of the throat just a little bit, and a touch of figgy sweetness! Everything combined tastes absolutely impeccable! If any of you love to snack, pick, or just build boards as much as I do.. this one is definitely one you’ll have to give a try before this Halloween season comes to a close!

Let me show you what kind of goodness I have this beautiful board filled with:

I have two little ceramic white bowls placed on the board for spreads and dips! Things of this nature are always good to adorn the board/platter with so that the cheese and meat can mend with other layers of flavors.

  • Bowl on the left: Bruschetta
  • Bowl on the right: Fig spread

  • In between the two bowls I have two balls of burrata cheese drizzled with good EVOO.
  • On most boards that I create I really enjoy to include a soft, creamy, spreadable cheese. It pairs wonderfully with all sorts of jams, spreads, and condiments.

As for the rest of the cheeses:

  • The left photo: Hot chili gouda cheese.
  • The middle photo: Sweet fire mango jack cheese.
  • The right photo: Fresh mozzarella roll filled with basil leaves and wrapped in salty prosciutto.

Meats that meet on this spicy board:

  • Sliced Chorizo. (The spicy orange circles that resemble pepperoni)
  • Prosciutto
  • Spicy Capocollo
  • Thinly sliced, hot soppressata

Of course you need a cracker to pile all of these cheeses and meats on, so I placed Croccantini crackers here and there to use as you please!

  • These plain tasting thin crackers are great for an extremely flavorful board like this since we wouldn’t want a cracker that overwhelms any of the other foods the we’re going to pile them with.

Since it is the season to be “spooky”, I decided to make a skeleton man out of the Flaming Hot ‘Bag of Bones’. He seemed to be very fond of the bruschetta so we had to act quickly on it. 😉

As for the briny bites on this board:

  • Hot pepper shooters stuffed with provolone cheese and prosciutto
  • Marinated artichokes
  • Jalapeno stuffed green olives

This board was an absolute hit and my brother was extremely happy with it! He always asks me if I’m going to cook on Sundays when the games are playing, so I decided to create this crazy spicy, spooky board that I knew he’d be exceptionally pleased with. I too was very much in love with it as well!! I often crave spicy foods so I really believe you can never go wrong with a little bit of heat combined with meat and cheese while you live your Sunday best. Any charcuterie board is just perfect to present at a party that you’ve been invited too, or of course a party you’re throwing on your own. If your guests know you are having a gathering for a specific holiday or celebration, making a themed board like this one is the most quintessential way to go.

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