The Hottest And Cheesiest Charcuterie Board To Spice Up Your Holiday Table!

This board is filled with the most deliciously cheesy and spicy ingredients that will make you keep coming back for more until it’s gone!

I really do believe the holidays are all about gathering around food! Boards filled with the most incredible pick food that you could ever want or imagine! It’s all about the meats, cheeses, and textures when it comes to properly packing and piling the goodies on your charcuterie board. The cheese lover in your life will go crazy over this board, and the spice lover in your life with go even crazier when they see those beautifully insane looking long hot peppers waiting to be devoured!

Making a board like this takes planning and effort, yet it’s quite simple to assemble once you get going!

  • Things you need to take into consideration!
  1. Always add something sweet! Usually when I’m making a cheese board of any kind I like to make sure I add notes of sweetness to it. In this case, it was fig spread to go along with the fig cheddar I purchased from a local deli!
  2. When you’re preparing a tray with loads of savory goodness on it, adding something creamy is exactly what you and your guests are going to desire! Since some of the cheese even has some heat to it along with most of the other pickings on the board, the creaminess is going to pair gorgeously with it all.
  3. You need to decide on a few meats, cheeses, snacks, and vinegary bites! All of those four categories will make this hot and cheesy board exactly what it needs to be!

The creamy ingredient:

  • Impeccable Italian macaroni salad! You can make some sort of salad like this, or you can purchase yours from an exquisite deli just as I did where they make everything homemade.

Snacks on the board!

  • Rustic flatbread crackers.
  • Red hot chips.
  • Plain salted chips.
  • “Dipper” crackers.
  • Kickin’ peanuts filled with garlic flavors and crushed red pepper flakes!

Mouthwatering Meats:

  • Cheddar cheese filled keilbasa sticks.
  • Really spicy soupy. Soupy is the dark little rings next to the hot chips and cheesy keilbasa. It is a cross between prosciutto and capocollo. Instead of the meat being solid it gets ground up like sausage does.
  • Spiced turkey jerky for some texture! I have that laying next to the macaroni salad and the long hots.

The cheesy cheeses!

  • Sweetened fig cheddar.
  • White cheddar wrapped around hot capocollo.

The hot vinegary add ons!

  • Long hot peppers! Now, I will worn you Diamonds If you’ve never hot a long hot pepper.. be sure you are the type of person to be able to stand a certain type of heat before you dive on into a bite filled with that level of spice! Some long hots aren’t as hot as others, depending on where you get them from. I will say though that these ones were packed with heat!!
  • Jalapeno stuffed green olives.
  • Pimento stuffed tiny green olives.

After all of those ingredients, the making of your hot and cheesy board is complete to be served at the next holiday bash that you’re going to be throwing! This is also something amazing to have at a New Years Eve Party as well, or if you are not the one throwing the party, bringing a board like this along with you is the ultimate gesture!

I hope everyone has been enjoying this month, getting festive, and staying safe and healthy! I’ll be back in a few days with another outstanding board that you definitely do not want to miss out on! Follow at the bottom right hand corner of this website to become a Diamond and stay up to date on all of my posts!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb says:

    I like your combination of foods.
    We all like picky foods 😋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LLM says:

    One of the best boards I’ve seen . True Talent


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