The ULTIMATE Christmas Charcuterie WREATH!

If you are looking for the absolute BEST way to WOW your guests this Christmas, it’s going to be with this board right here! Your family members jaws will drop when they go up to this board to get all of the most amazing pick food you have to offer!

You will FOR SURE be turning heads at your Christmas Eve party this year with this stunning and sensational charcuterie board that’s created to look exactly like a wonderful wreath that you would have hanging on your front door! It has all the beauty of a holiday wreath, but all the flavors of a delicious edible board with endless foods to pick on from every angle! This board is truly the most fantastic, fun, and fabulous board you will ever see or get your hands on this holiday season!

The five cheeses that I adorned this board with will have you fantasizing about them the entire holiday season!

  • Top left photo: Boursin cheese filled with chives and shallots.
  • Top middle photo: Double creme French cheese.
  • Top left photo: “Red” Cheddar. This cheddar was truly one of the most delicious cheddars I have ever have. The texture was perfect, so it broke apart into chunks just right!
  • Bottom left photo: Cranberry cheddar. I decided to top this tangy, fruity, creamy white cheddar with a small handful of mixed dried berries. Cherries, cranberries, and blueberries resemble holly on top of this succulent cheese!
  • Bottom right photo: Camembert cheese! It is almost identical to brie cheese except it’s a tad creamier, richer in taste, and has some earthy notes to it as well.

I left the cheeses mostly whole because I wanted them to favor ornaments or decorations that they put on regular wreaths!

Fresh fruit that made it onto the wreath!

  1. Red grapes! I would definitely suggest using red grapes for this charcuterie wreath instead of green grapes. Green grapes remind me more of Spring and Summer where there’s warmer weather and things of that nature!
  2. Red raspberries! You want the raspberries to be as fresh and firm as possible so that none of the juices are leaking onto anything else on the board. We definitely don’t want that!

Dried fruit:

  • A berry blend of cherries, cranberries, and blueberries! Dried fruit and cheese go together like bacon and eggs!

Jam/Fruit Spread:

  • Orange marmalade: Anything orange flavored, or orange scented always reminds me of the holiday season, especially when it’s mixed with other flavors of the Christmas season.

The salty meats that I adorned this board with:

  • Hot sopressata, sliced thick.
  • Regular sopressata, sliced thick.
  • Thinly sliced genoa salami. I sliced each piece in half and lined it up next to each other where each end was overlapping the other. Then, I rolled it all up to make it look like little, tiny rosebuds just about to reach full bloom!
  • Rolled prosciutto. I feel like you can never have a charcuterie board without adding some salty rolls of prosciutto meat.

Crunchy Accompaniments:

  • Imported mini breadstick crackers that are rolled into the shape of little donuts!
  • Salt and pepper cashews.
  • Spiced holiday cookies.
  • Kalamata olives.

Gorgeous Garnishes:

  • Green leaf kale.
  • Fresh rosemary.
  • Fresh sage.
  • Fresh thyme.

All of the greens are going to mimic the greenery on a real pine wreath that people everywhere hang on their front doors, and possibly even inside their houses during this Christmas season!

I really hope that you Diamonds recreate this charcuterie wreath this coming weekend! If you do, please tag me on my socials so that I could see all of your amazing pictures! Facebook: @DeepFriedDiamonds | Instagram: @therealdeepfrieddiamonds



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    Absolutely Stunning!!!!!!

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