A Christmas Crunch Sundae!

Last weekend I had spent the day with my brother for a little “brother, sister bonding time.” 🙂 We ordered our favorite food from a local lounge, watched football, and just enjoyed all of the Christmas decorations throughout the house! Which felt extraordinarily peaceful considering you don’t always get time to do that being this time of year gets so hectic! After we enjoyed our food he was really craving something super sweet to indulge in while he finished the rest of his game. I know he dies for ice cream sundaes and milkshakes a lot since he doesn’t usually let himself have those types of things, so I suggested a wonderful holiday sundae. Happily he agreed, and just asked for it to have crunchy snacks and salty bits all on top to enjoy! I came up with the most decadent crunchy, chewy, candy filled sundae adorned with layers of chocolate and salty goodness!

How to create this Christmas crunch masterpiece:

Whenever you are serving anything that’s frozen or you want to present it when it’s insanely cold, the best way to achieve that is to frost your glass!

  • No matter which glass you choose it will work by using the same simple technique!

The four simple steps to frosting a glass!

  1. Choose a glass!
  2. Hold your glass under cold running water and let the water run all over the entirety of the glass, or sundae bowl.
  3. Allow the excess water to drip off the glass.
  4. Then set it in the freezer to chill for at least ten minutes.

The most important step after frosting the glass is to add two-three scoops of vanilla ice cream! You of course can not possibly have a sundae without ice cream!! If you’re not a fan of vanilla like me, you can use chocolate if you would prefer! I would advise you to steer clear from any intense flavors with caramel, nuts, and chunks of goodies inside of it because that will take away from all the flavors we are creating with this specific sundae right here.

After adding the ice cream in of your choice, it’s time for the CRUNCH factor!

  • Crush up salt & pepper cashews and sprinkle on a small handful.
  • Break apart about four mini sized pretzels and drop those right on top of the cashews.

  • Drizzle chocolate syrup all over the crunchy snacks! You can even use hot fudge if you so desire, but just keep in mind that the ice cream will melt much faster that way!

Time to add the chopped up candy bars:

  • Sprinkle on pieces of a Krackel bar.
  • Sprinkle on pieces of a Reese cup.
  • Spinkle on pieces of a Mr. Goodbar.

The candy bars mixed with the vanilla ice cream, and the salty cashews, topped with the chocolate syrup really creates a magical dessert eating experience!

Top this wonderful, sensational sundae with a swirl of whipped cream! Then garnish with green, gold, and red sprinkles for a little celebration!

Finally, stick a pretzel right in the middle of the whipped cream mountain you created with all of the sprinkles surrounding it.

This whole ice cream sundae combination is just perfect if you have that strong sweet tooth, yet you still are longing for a little bit of that salty and crunchy bite from a delicious snack! It truly is awesome! A work of art if you will. Speaking of a art.. you can definitely set all of these ingredients up as a sundae bar or board so that your friends and family can build their own unique, sweet & salty sundae! Setting up any kind of bar is an amazing and fun way for all of your loved ones to get extremely interactive. It also is an incredible way to make those in your life who feel they are not the most creative, have that sense of creative for just a little while. 🙂

Even though Christmas is “over” I celebrate the holiday even a few weeks after the New year considering Greek Christmas doesn’t begin until then. Therefore, I will be having a few more festive posts coming! Keep an eye out by following this website at the bottom right hand corner! All you have to do is enter your email and then confirm it by clicking my website in your email inbox!!




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