A Cute And Colorful Charcuterie Board For Couples.

One thing I love most in this world is making all sorts of boards, especially charcuterie boards! I’m lucky I enjoy making them as much as I enjoying diving into them because Cody and I love to sip on something sparkling and enjoy a spread like this together for any kind of date day or night that we had planned. This past memorial day weekend was celebrated by us doing just that. We weren’t really in the mood to have a cookout or do anything extravagant which might shock some of you If you know me in real life considering I love to go all out most of the time. However, it is super nice and relaxing to have an intimate setting with someone you care about to just soak in each others company, eat delicious food, and enjoy the Summer weather that has been sprung upon us! You Diamonds know no matter how big of a board I am building I normally always have at least three different cheeses and two different cuts of meats. The contrast of colors and flavors I have this platter for two filled with is just perfect and if you recreate it yourself you’ll of course get to experience its greatness just like we did.

Of course, I always want to go into full detail and give you Diamonds the 411 on what the board is all about!

Let’s start with the cheese!

  1. Double Creme Brie
  2. Havarti
  3. Spreadable sharp cheddar pub cheese

The Meats:

  1. Salty and savory salami bites
  2. Prosciutto

Sour and Bitter bites:

  1. Jalapeno stuffed olives. If you don’t like spice you can do any kind of olives that are your favorite.
  2. Pepperoncini peppers
  3. Honey mustard

Sweet pairings for a sweet date:

  1. Peanut butter cup and dried cherry trail mix. You can find this mix at your local Aldi.
  2. Green grapes. Cotton candy grapes would be great too especially since we are kicking off Summer here on the blog and of course in real life! 😉
  3. Blackberry preserves
  4. Fresh pomegranate seeds

Crackers and things:

  1. Buttery crispy crackers
  2. Salted pretzels

Grab some bubbly along with your honey and build this charcuterie board with them to enjoy the best date ever out on the back patio for some relaxation and alone time! You’ll be so glad you did!!

If you do end up recreating this board for your significant other and yourself please tag me on my socials! Facebook: @DeepFriedDiamonds | Instagram: @therealdeepfrieddiamonds

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