A Perfect Charcuterie Board.

If anyone loves perfection it’s definitely me without a doubt! I know they say perfection doesn’t exist and I do have to remind myself of that from time to time so that I don’t drive myself crazy trying to be the perfectionist that I unfortunately act like on a daily basis, especially when it comes to my work. Although, I do strive for greatness in food creativity whenever I’m coming up with boards, new dishes, or even snacks of some sort, so when something is “perfect” in my eyes I just have to share it with you Diamonds! This board definitely fits the bill when it came to hitting all of my standards for what I see as charcuterie board perfection! As most of you may know if you are a regular visitor here on the blog, I absolutely love building boards! It’s truly one of the biggest hobbies that I have and so I have grown to learn exactly what I need and love on each board when it comes to pairing flavors and textures together. The products I chose for this particular board could not have been better between the incredible cheeses, the salty, spicy meats, the crunchy chips, and the sweet staples! It all made for the most wonderful and decadent food combinations being that most of the things piled on top of one another tasted just marvelous together.

Get ready to build this board!

Starting with the middle of the board:

  • Jalapeno and garlic stuffed green olives. These are truly one of my favorite olives, especially to add onto a charcuterie board like this. Normally, I adorn the middle of my boards with grapes or other fruits I choose to use, but I felt like with the other pops of sweetness around and the creaminess from the cheeses, it needed a bite of brine!

The meats:

  1. Sopressata salami
  2. Hot sopressata
  3. Prosciutto

Above the olives I have some fig butter in a ramekin!

  • This goes perfect with the meats and cheeses to sweeten things up a bit and to add a nice flavor profile.

The cheeses:

  1. Triple creme brie with wild mushrooms.
  2. Cheddar cheese with scotch bonnet chilis and red peppers.
  3. Green goddess gouda- parsley, chives, and garlic!
  • Garlic bread toasts. If you can find these in your local grocery store they are incredibly crunchy and amazingly addicting! Dangerously, actually. LOL. You can also make these yourself out of a small, skinny french baguette.
  • Olive and herb mixed nuts. If you don’t love olives you won’t love these, but if you do you will die for them. They’re quite unique and delicious pared with all of the cheeses on the board.
  • Long hot pepper and sharp provolone chips. These are awesome!

Condiments & Chocolate!

  • Honey mustard.
  • Dark chocolate coated honey graham crackers dusted with sea salt. I believe there’s no better sweet treat to put on a board then dark chocolate cookies or candies. It just goes together like peanut butter & jelly.

If you serve this as the main appetizer at your next party your guests will think they won the lottery!! This board is so beautiful you can even use it as a centerpiece on whatever table you’re serving the food on or setting up the buffet from your caterers. When serving something so big and bountiful such as this you won’t have much prep left to do! All you’ll have to worry about is making a huge pitcher of a sparkling sangria and to put some hard ciders on ice!

Happy August Diamonds! One more month of Summer posts here on Deep Fried Diamonds! Comment what else you’d want to see from me down below.



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