Kitchen Sink Crunch Energy Balls!

Coming from a cookie lover herself, if you love everything but the kitchen sink cookies you’ll love these energy balls. They’re nutritious, filling, and will get you through your next virtual meeting, morning workout, or an Autumn hike. Although, they are decadent enough to classify them as a dessert as well. Whenever you want to fill your body with good nutrients, you should know that you don’t always have to sacrifice flavor, even when it comes to curbing that sweet tooth. These are super satiating and incredibly textured which makes eating them a wonderfully exciting experience! Not only are they great to enjoy, but they’re fun to make as well because it’s something you can be as creative with as you would like! You can even get your kids involved as well which makes for a fantastic activity to do together.

How to make the energy ball batter:

  1. Start by mashing two ripe bananas with a fork.
  2. Scoop in 1/2 cup of crunchy peanut butter. You may use smooth but I really wanted an extra crunch factor in these balls.
  3. 1 tablespoon of maple syrup.
  4. A dash of cinnamon.
  5. 1 1/2 cups of oats. I used quick oats but you can also use old fashioned oats or anything else that is tender.

Mix everything until fully incorporated.


  • Chop up two big handfuls each of dark chocolate, butter pretzels, and unsalted pistachios.
  • Mix all of the snacks in with the banana, peanut butter, and oat mixture.

Let the batter sit in the fridge for 30 minutes before rolling into bite sized balls.

Melt a spoonful of peanut butter with a few chunks of dark chocolate and drizzle it over the top of each energy ball.

Then top each one with more crushed up butter pretzels.

The peanut butter and chocolate combination mixed with the saltiness from the pretzels makes for the perfect garnish on this sensational snack!

If you love granola, oatmeal, or breakfast bars of any kind these will fit just right into your snack rotation! There’s nothing better than a soft peanut butter and banana oatmeal ball wrapped in crunchy chocolatey goodness, especially when it’s homemade with love. A couple of these, a maple cinnamon latte, and a view of the backyard is all you need to start a Fall morning off right.



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