The Perfect Sandwich.

Perfect is a very strong, intense word just like love is, but I can confidently tell you that I love this sandwich. It truly is perfect! In my eyes, sandwiches are overlooked by so many individuals. I always hear people talk about how they would never order a sandwich or salad when they go out to dinner because something like that isn’t worth paying for. They’d rather be served a stuffed chicken breast, crab au gratin, or the juiciest medium rare filet mignon they’ve ever sliced their knife into. Of course, these are all incredible fine dining options, although I am a firm believer that you can make any food in this world luxurious enough to feel as if you are having the most expensive meal of your life. A sandwich is something I adore with all of my heart because just like a charcuterie board, the combinations are absolutely endless! It’s amazing what you could do inbetween two pieces of bread or toast. You wouldn’t believe how many different types of sandwiches you could discover and create throughout the course of your life.

What makes a phenomenal sandwich?!

  • Good homemade bread. If you’re a baker or you have a local bakery that you visit every Sunday I would definitely choose fresh bread rather then packaged bread from a grocery store.

How to build this perfect sandwich:

  • Start with two thick cut pieces of toasted homemade white bread. For this type of sandwich I would choose a thick, soft, chewy bread. The texture is the best with what is going to be inside.
  • Spread some fabulous full fat mayonnaise on each piece of toast. Coat them both with some love! Fun fact about me, I never ever eat a sandwich without some sort of mayo or aioli.
  • On one slice of the bread spread out half of an avocado.
  • Then lay down a few slices of thinly sliced turkey breast.
  • On top of the turkey breast, layer on some thin slices of ham off the bone. Getting this cut of ham makes all the difference!! It isn’t wet or slimy. It’s absolutely delicious!
  • After the meat is down place two kosher dill sandwich slice pickles right on top.
  • Right over the pickles you can add two slices of globe tomatoes. Never forget to season your tomatoes with salt and pepper, even on a sandwich! It really does amp up the flavor of them.
  • On the other slice of bread lay down 1 1/2 half slices of good American cheese. I say good because there are the right brands to choosee and then there are others that you don’t want for a sandwich like this where you’re not melting the cheese. If you’re not like me and you didn’t grow up with American cheese in your house all the time then you can use Colby jack or pepper jack cheese.
  • For the final touch before you join these two halves together, mix some spring mix up with chopped scallions, a drizzle of olive oil, a tiny squeeze of lemon juice, sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper, garlic powder, chives, oregano, and parsley.

Allow both sides to become one and pair it with your favorite deli sides! I always love any kind of potato cooked any which way, cold salads, fresh fruit, or even your favorite, crispy potato chip. If we weren’t putting pickles on the sandwich I would absolutely be serving that alongside as well.

This perfect sandwich truly has every flavor and texture you could want to enjoy the nicest lunch, picnic, or even for a delectable dinner. The sandwich is hearty and stands pretty high but that’s how you know it’s going to be fantastic! It’s so dang good you would think you ordered it from New York deli or your favorite bistro.

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