Death By Chocolate Milkshake!

Calling All Chocolate And Halloween Lovers!

This velvety smooth and extremely decadent milkshake that’s loaded with different layers of brownie goodness and Oreo’s will make for the greatest dessert drink to serve at your Halloween party this weekend! I know everyone will be inventing the craziest, creepiest concoctions for all of their cheers for fears, but if you want to tame it down this recipe is the obvious way to go. I’m not trying to be biased either, however, this is for sure the best milkshake I ever sipped on in my entire life. Everything about it is perfect! It’s wonderfully chocolatey, but not overly chocolatey where it’s leaving a bitter taste in your mouth! That’s where I draw the line at too much chocolate when I’m wanting a chocolate filled dessert. I’m always in search for that ideal amount! Milkshakes are always a great sweet beverage to serve at costume parties because they’re fun to create, drink, and even more intriguing if you pour some alcohol in them to make boozy milkshakes. That’ll really get the party started!! (That is if you’re 21 and older of course.)

This recipe is for one tall glass, but you can make as much as you need depending on the type of event you are hosting or how many girls you have coming over for a scary movie night!

  • In a blender add 2-3 scoops of brownie batter ice cream and a splash of 2% milk. Of course you can use whole milk as well, but I definitely wouldn’t use low fat or skim because it will just water down your shake. I’m naturally a skim milk drinker so you know I mean serious milkshake business when I say to use the high fat stuff! A milkshake needs to be thick! No questions asked.
  • Crumble up one brownie with icing on top. The icing does something to the milkshake, just trust me! They can of course be store bought brownies from the bakery section in your local supermarket. It’s going in your milkshake, not being served to your guests.
  • Break up two double stuffed Oreo’s as well and add them in before blending everything together.

Blend, blend, blend until you get to the consistency that you want!

Top your death by chocolate milkshake off with whipped cream, brownie crumbs, and an Oreo.

  • If you can find chocolate whipped cream that would even take it to another level!

This is way better than your average chocolate milkshake you order at your local vintage dinner that you’ve been going to ever since you were a child. It’s like having ice cream, your favorite dessert, and cookies all at the time and it’s incredible! An unforgettable milkshake, for sure! If I ever come out with a Holiday cookbook this is definitely something that has got to be in there!!

Have a safe and spooky weekend Diamonds and I hope you all follow at the bottom right hand corner of this website so you don’t miss any of my Thanksgiving posts that are going to be coming up!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh boy would love to have one of those shakes tonight. But a lil late, guess I’ll stick with a
    Kit-kat for now 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Make one this weekend!! Totally worth it. It’s insanely delicious. You’ll thank me.


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