A Strawberries & Oreo Cream Milkshake.

Is anyone getting a little overwhelmed with of all of the pumpkin and Fall flavors? Maybe you don’t even like Fall and you’re missing those sweet, fruity treats. If so, then this milkshake is definitely the dessert for you!

I know there are many people who are not big pumpkin fans at all and that’s perfectly fine! Some may not really even care for the season. For those of you that put yourselves in that category, I’ve got you covered with this perfectly sweet and fruity milkshake with a hint of chocolate cookie goodness. I am in fact a huge lover of all things Autumn, but not everyone is the same and I completely understand that! Even though this may not be a certified Fall treat, you can certainly make it one if strawberries and cream is your thing. Whenever I think of berries and Oreo’s or chocolate covered strawberries, I think of romance. There’s no doubt in my mind that this would be an amazing milkshake to have for dessert on date night, or to pack to take on a picnic. Even if you are obsessed with pumpkin, apple, and maple flavored goodies like myself this will be something extremely enjoyable to have for a nice little break from all of the warm spicy flavors. Not spicy hot of course, but food that’s filled with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice!

How to make this milkshake:

  • Rinse a cocktail glass or any glass of your choice under cold water and freeze for at least ten minutes.
  • In a blender blend two scoops of strawberries and cream ice cream, two double stuffed Oreo’s, three diced fresh strawberries, and a splash of milk. I never over do it with the milk! Always add little by little and check the consistency.
  • Top with whipped cream.
  • Garnish with an Oreo, a strawberry, and red sugar sprinkles.

It’s cold, thick, fruity, chocolatey, and indulgent! The perfect break from all of the Fall desserts that are all over the place right now!



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