Cute Cottage Cheese Parfaits!

Perfect for Easter brunch, baby and bridal showers, cocktail parties, and of course a luxurious breakfast in bed to celebrate Mothers Day!

How to layer a perfectly presented parfait:

  • Pick out a martini or cocktail glass of your choice to create your pretty parfait in.
  • Put two spoonfuls of your favorite cottage cheese at the bottom of the glass.
  • On top of the cheese add some fruit cocktail, blueberries, and halved red grapes.
  • Repeat that process again so that there are two full layers of cottage cheese and fruit right over one another.
  • To garnish the top, I finished with another small spoonful of the cottage cheese with one raspberry and one grape cut in half to sit on top of everything so that it looks super pretty!

If you really want to elevate the look of your parfait just as I did you can drizzle some honey over everything and shake some green sprinkles or edible colored glitter right on top, along with freshly chopped parsley or mint.

Even though parfaits have been around for so many years and they’re just a traditional, classic breakfast item on a menu, I feel like they are usually used to wow guests due to how incredibly beautiful they can look. When you’re hosting a party you can have them pre-made to set out at everyones place settings so that they can enjoy each one as an appetizer before the entree is served, or you can create a DIY cottage cheese parfait bar so that all of your friends and family can have fun building their own! That would be totally up to you especially depending on the theme or vibe or the event that you’re hosting. Either way it’s going to be a wonderful addition onto your breakfast, brunch, or party menu!



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  1. Debbie says:

    So pretty & so healthy 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Absolutely. It looks great and it’ll make you feel great.


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