A Movie Snack Board!

Day or night, this board is going to be just right for any movie genre!

Let’s set up the scene: This Friday evening you have plans to invite your four girlfriends over for a magical movie marathon. You have to clean, organize, pick out a cozy lounge set to throw on, and plan the menu! The most important step in my eyes when planning an event that you’re hosting no matter the size is what food you’re going to be serving. The conversation and environment can be superb, but if the food choices aren’t awesome.. points off a bit. Let’s also not forget about the drinks. Filling up a bin with ice and putting in cans of soda and bottles of beer to choose from is ideal, especially when watching films because then you are able to relax and enjoy with your guests instead of having to get up every half hour to create different cocktails. As for food- building a board with everyones favorite movie snacks and amazing bites to pick on while we get our comfiest in front of the big screen is the perfect plan. The only thing I do not have this board adorned with that I feel like you need when it comes to enjoying marvelous movies is pizza, of course! I knew in my head exactly how I wanted to arrange this snack board and what I wanted on it and pizza just did not fit in the cards this time. However, that would be something you can order right before your friends arrive so that it’s hot and fresh when all of you are ready to dig in and press play.

Every board that I build becomes my new favorite, but I’ll tell you Diamonds why I truly think I love this one the most. There is everything you could ever want on this board to have the most fantastic and memorable night with the people you’re closest to. You can have a little charcuterie moment with the meats, cheeses and crackers, there’s also a pop of fresh fruit in there, delicious creme filled cookies (two ways), and you also have your traditional movie theatre snacks such as the popcorn, soft pretzels and cheese, and the ever famous cookie dough bites. Of course, you do not have to build your movie snack board exactly how I built mine, but I’m going to show you exactly what I built it with!

Let’s start with the crackers:

  • You can serve any crackers you’d like, however, I chose to use crispy ranch crackers for an extra pop of flavor next to the mild flavors of the cheese.
  • Fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and basil roll. This is honestly one of those repurchases for me for so many years now. I love it.
  • Muenster cheese.

Two little fried snacks! Two of my favorites actually!

  • Mozzarella sticks.
  • Mini corn dogs.
  • Soft pretzels and cheese! Yes, I love, love, LOVE the cheese in the can that you get in the chip isle og the grocery store. However, if you have time and want to do the task you can make your own cheese sauce, but for soft pretzels, I say there’s nothing like that thick, orange goodness!

If you have some cheese options you’ve got to have meat!

  • Salami bites!

Two cream filled cookies:

  • Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches filled with a marshmallow whipped cream.
  • Mini Oreo cookies.

Two different candy options:

  • Peanut butter filled M&M’s.
  • Cookie dough bites.

You just need a pop of freshness!

  • Red grapes.

You have to have chips on any kind of snack board!

  • Kettle cooked sour cream and onion chips. Any kind of chips that are your favorite would be welcomed!

For the finale, to top everything off.. POPCORN! I’m talking the most flavorful, and most butteriest popcorn there could be. The movie theatre worthy kind because what would a movie board be without popcorn?!

Since it is Now May and we’ll be getting more warm weather with each passing day it’ll be a great time to start going to drive-in movies, or possibly even watching them outside if you own a projector! There’s nothing like walking your guests to your backyard for an at home movie theatre night. This board is a perfect treat to create for either one of those activities!

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