A Sweet & Salty Galentine’s Day Board For All Of Your Girly Celebrations!

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and even if you are planning the most romantic weekend ever with your one true love, you always need that fun filled girl time! It’s always a blast to get a few girlfriends together for a pajama party to play some games, drink champagne, and eat incredible pick food until your hearts content! If you’re going to be the one actually hosting this Galentine’s get together, than boards are the absolute way to go! There isn’t anything that will be more perfect than a sweet & salty board filled with heart shaped tea sandwiches, snacks, and many many goodies of course.

Especially if there is alcohol involved I always feel like something more substantial needs to be served.. whether that’s pizza, wraps, or cute little sandwiches like I chose to create! What’s cuter than normal tea sandwiches filled with deliciousness? UM.. the simple fact that they are all shaped into hearts to remind us of what we are celebrating!! DUH 😉 It really is just the most adorable idea to create shapes in the foods you are displaying on your boards or platters, no matter what Holiday you’re gathering for!

What are the heart-shaped sandwiches filled with?

  • I have a few of the sandwiches layered with cream cheese & salami and the last couple filled with spicy egg salad.
  • I wanted to spice up my traditional egg salad since we’re celebrating love and friendship, so I wanted to make things much more exiting than usual.

Egg salad recipe:

  • Four hard boiled eggs chopped.
  • Two heaping tablespoons of mayo depending how creamy you love it.
  • Two teaspoons of spicy brown mustard.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite hot sauce.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes.
  • Garlic powder, paprika, chili powder, salt, and pepper to taste.

Aside from the saltiness of the sandwiches, I wanted to add more of a salty bite using delicious snacks that we all know and love since the theme is “salty”! It doesn’t get anymore classic than plain salted ruffles and crunchy sourdough pretzels. Also; since I adorned this Galentine’s board with slices of white cheddar and Swiss, I had to pair it with a salty, buttery cracker! They’re the all time best crackers to pair with hard cheese!

Even though most don’t love them and they tend to be “flavorless”, it is a total tradition for me to set out conversation hearts around the Valentine’s Day holiday. It reminds me of how we always put out candy corn in the fall while many people complain about how they hate them even though I kind of actually love them. LOL. Each and every time I put a board together, I usually include some sort of fruit and Valentine’s Day instantly makes me think of strawberries. The last few sweets I threw on were some mini chocolate striped cookies, white chocolate dipped cookies, and a few chocolates to top it all off with.

Boards like these with things to munch on while you have gossip filled chit chats about boys are just so so perfect. Honestly, they’re so simple but insanely cute & wonderful to entire night together! Pop in a few chick flicks, pour the cocktails, and cheers to a relaxing night of entertaining Galentine’s Day celebrations!




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