Happy Donut Day Diamonds!

Today is Mardi Gras! Also known as “Fat Tuesday” or the ever so popular “donut day”. Each and every year.. this day of celebrating goodies and eating whatever you could imagine has always fallen the day before lent. This holiday has been commemorated by many people all around the United States! Most of them do so by throwing huge festivals outside in the streets with colorful outfits on, while singing and dancing to loud music especially those who reside in New Orleans. They would normally be flooding the streets next to huge balloon floats parading up and down the streets, but this year they will be watching most of the action from their front porch! Even though no-one can celebrate this day of indulgence exactly as they used to.. you can definitely still put together a gorgeous donut board for your family, brew some coffee, and discuss what you may or may not be giving up the lenten season!

If Fat Tuesday is not something that you ever celebrated or lenten season is not anything that you choose to follow thats perfectly okay! This delectable donut board does not discriminate! Aside from celebrating any holidays.. you can recreate this tray on the average Sunday morning, for a kids birthday party, or to indulge guilt free at an ultimate girly slumber party!

  • The choice is yours Diamonds, but aways always choose to indulge in yourself!



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