A Hoagie Board For Three.

I feel like sometimes we think that we can’t have a sensational spread, create beautiful boards, or have a memorable meal if we’re not preparing food for a lot of people. We live in a world where most of the time no-one is even sitting at the same table to eat, let alone taking time off of technology to spend part of their day sharing stories with their loved ones. It’s really important that we plan out special occasions where we can put together delicious food in such a gorgeous fashion that it would make you want to keep doing it time and time again. You don’t always need to spend an arm and a leg or an insane amount of time in the kitchen to put something really wonderful together for your family. For those of you Diamonds who are new followers you may not know that I have a huge obsession for boards, platters, and all of the cold food! It’s not only my favorite to create, but even to indulge in as well! Sandwiches and hoagies are something that I eat super often! Honestly, I think I could eat them everyday being that there are endless opportunities to what are you are able to pile them with.

  • I made three different hoagies so that there could be a variety, and we could all cut off pieces of each other to taste if we wanted too!

HOAGIE #1 The Ultimate American Cold Cut.

  • I would call this an Italian sub since that’s what you would technically get served if you ordered an “Italian cold cut” hoagie at any restaurant-lounge, but I’m going to be as real as possible and let you Diamonds know that this is not an Italian hoagie! Most just call it that when there’s ham, salami and pepperoni on bread. A genuine Italian hoagie would consist of Genoa salami, capicola, and mortadella meats layered underneath provolone cheese. Even though this isn’t an authentic Italian hoagie I do very much hold this baby very very close to my heart.
  • I first start out my hoagie with the roll of my choice, of course.
  • Generously spread on mayonnaise.
  • Hot pepper spread.
  • Two slices of American Cheese.
  • Thinly sliced ham. About four slices.
  • Iceberg lettuce.
  • Four slices of pepperoni.
  • Three slices of salami.
  • Three thin slices of a very ripened tomato.
  • A few slices of red onion
  • Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic powder, salt & pepper to taste.

HOAGIE #2 Ham, Salami, And Provolone.

  • Once again I started this hoagie out with a fresh hoagie roll.
  • Generously spread on mayonnaise. Good mayo.. not that light stuff!
  • Two slices of provolone cheese.
  • Four slices of salami.
  • Iceberg lettuce.
  • Four slices of thinly sliced ham off the bone.
  • Three chunks of roasted red peppers. These taste especially good mixed with the provolone cheese!
  • A few slices of raw red onion.
  • Garlic powder, parsley, salt & pepper to taste.

HOAGIE #3 Turkey, Salami, And American.

  • Start with the fresh hoagie roll of your choice.
  • Spread generously with mayonnaise.
  • Two slices of American cheese.
  • Four thin slices of really good turkey. Don’t use that slimy lunch meat that’s prepackaged!
  • Three slices of Salami.
  • Two thin slices of red ripened tomatoes.
  • Chopped green scallions.
  • Garlic powder, parsley, salt & pepper to taste.

A couple days back it had just so happened that both of my parents were home during the day together and that rarely ever takes place. I got the hunch to make a really delightful board filled with a variety of different kinds of sandwiches so that we can all have a taste of each others. I served these absolutely stunning hoagies with chips and onion dip! Speaking of onion dip.. you Diamonds can look forward to my next post! It’s going to be an insanely creamy dip filled with succulently sweet caramelized onions. You definitely won’t want to miss out so be sure to follow at the bottom right hand corner if you did not do so yet!



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  1. Deb says:

    Looks Delicious 😋. No meat today 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Good news is you have 6 other days throughout the week where you can eat meat. lol!


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