Exquisite Easter Centerpieces Of Different Sizes For Different Parts Of Your home.

Holiday hacks for decorating your home this Easter. These are easy while also being super eye appealing as well.

Every time the Christmas season arrives I always say that that’s my most loved Holiday because the vibes just feel so comforting and special, but when it comes down to it.. I really believe Easter is my all time favorite! I love that it’s more about the belief, spending time with family, and eating good food rather than fussing about gifts and trying to find last minute things to make every single person in your life happy. Part of my obsession with every holiday though is my love for decorating and planning. I’m always in charge of planning the menus, cocktails, and everything in-between, along with decorating the entire house from top to bottom. If some of you Diamonds are new here aside from all things food party planning, I really enjoy cleaning, organizing, and making every space in my home feel as beautiful as the next. The same goes for coffee tables, side tables, and of course the dinning room table that we’ll be serving Easter dinner on. Due to that I knew I had to spruce up all of the empty tables in each room downstairs with an adorable centerpiece that looks as festive as ever but never over doing it.

The larger wooden centerpiece is perfect for the oversized coffee tables, kitchen tables, or it could appear as the star of the show on Easter Sunday in the middle of the dinning room table adorned next to all the yummy plates you’ll be feasting on.

  • Start with a vessel for all of the beautifulness that we’re going to pile in! The eggs and grass need somewhere to call home! I used a gorgeous wooden tray that can also be used as a board since it sinks in and has room to let things sit inside. You can use anything that resembles this, but it doesn’t have to be wooden! You can even choose a decorative glass bowl, or something more modern if that’s your style.
  • I literally used three different bags of different colored Easter grass to fill the entire inside with so that the eggs can lay nicely on top!
  • You can use one kind of egg that are all the same colors if you’re looking for a cleaner look, but it’s the Easter season and I’m all about the different colors, patterns, pastels! That’s what it’s always been about for me, so I go all out every year to do something cute and fun.

The smaller centerpiece is seriously perfect for accent tables all around the house, decor for the countertop in your bathroom, or to give your bedside table a pop of color for the season.

When my eyes got a glimpse of this bunny basket made out of porcelain, I couldn’t even help myself! I grabbed it immediately and had to do something super seasonal with it! At first I was thinking about loading it with Easter candy since that’s the traditional thing to do, but then the innocent look of the decor piece had reminded me of when I was little and you’d walk around barefoot on the grass hunting for eggs. After each egg you’d find you would plop it in your basket and it would look a little something that this!! That’s exactly what I wanted to mimic and I think it came out extremely exceptional.

What do you Diamonds think?! Also.. do you love centerpieces as much as I do? I feel like they tend to be more important than we all think!



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