Loaded Open-Faced Breakfast BLT’s.

All of you Diamonds know how much I love different food combinations, especially when I’m combining two things that I love the most! Breakfast and sandwiches! This glorious open-faced sandwich is pure art. It is piled high with delicious protein, healthy fats to keep you full all day, and yummy acidic vegetables. Your morning definitely won’t be anything short of fantastic while enjoying this piled high beauty right here!

How to build this loaded breakfast BLT:

  1. The very first and most obvious step is to start with two pieces of toasted bread smothered in your favorite mayonnaise. I swear that loading lots of good mayo on your BLT is what makes it taste insanely incredible!

2. Second, you’ll want to lay down some cool, crisp iceberg! I always choose to sit the lettuce on top of the mayonnaise because that kind of glues it in place instead of having the lettuce slip all around as you’re trying to consume your food.

3. Slice up an entire avocado and spread each half of it onto each half of the toast!

4. Of course you’ll need to layer on some crispy pieces of any kind of bacon of your choice. Personally for sandwiches, I prefer thick cut bacon! I find it to be the best.

5. On top of the bacon, add some juicy slices of beefsteak tomatoes. I also find these to be perfect for any kind of sandwich that I create!

6. The running yolk of an egg can turn any sandwich into a breakfast or brunch dish! I cooked mine over-easy. That’s my all time favorite!

7. The seventh, and final step is to garnish with some acidity to cut a bit of the fat on this open-faced tower of amazingness! Slice up some roasted red bell peppers, along with chopping up pickled jalapeños to sprinkle all over the top of our egg.

A pretty good piece of advice I can grace you Diamonds with is that you’ll definitely want to have a fork and knife handy to dig into these tall beauties. You could absolutely get messy with it and dive on in ready to devour, but the option is completely up to you! These are super duper easy to make so they would be awesome to fill up a board with to serve at a weekend brunches, bridal or baby showers, and also to celebrate other special occasions with. They can be used as a first course, or a main course depending on the affair and whatever else you decide to include on the menu!

Happy Brunching Diamonds!



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  1. LLM says:

    This looks delicious!!!

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