An Amazing Apple & Peach Seltzer Spritzer!

Whether you’re reading a new book on the hammock in your back yard, or you’re throwing a party to celebrate the first official weekend of football season, this is the drink for you! It is ideal for this transitional period that we are in right now where Summer isn’t quite over, but Fall didn’t fully come in to play yet! I wanted to combined the best fruit of Summer and the best fruit of the Fall as well to concoct the most perfect transitional cocktail you will ever take a sip of! It is so light, refreshing, fruity, and of course bubbly! I really can’t enjoy any alcoholic beverage too much unless it has just the right amount of carbonation to quench the palette, and this one is simply stunning!

Ingredients you’ll need for this cocktail:

  • Peach Schnapps
  • Any flavor Seltzer and brand that you enjoy!
  • Apple juice
  • Sprite
  • A red delicious apple
  • One ripe peach

Step by step recipe:

  • Fill your glass of choice up with ice! I suggest using a large sangria glass like the one I’m using in the photo above so that you have room for all of the fruit you’ll be adding in.
  • On top of your ice add one part peach schnapps and two parts apple juice!
  • Throw in some chopped up peaches and apples! There are no exact amounts for this so you could use however much you want.
  • Then pour in the seltzer until you almost reach the top, but leaving some space!
  • For the final step, pour in some sprite! This takes the drink exactly where it needs to be!

If you make this seltzer spritzer for a crowd I think it would extremely beneficial to use a punch bowl and let everyone serve themselves a glass for their own enjoyment! Why not let all of your guests see how pretty it looks?! Plus, the fruit will be sitting in the liquid for a longer period of time, allowing the fruit to soak up all of the liquor and become extraordinarily flavorful!

If any of you Diamonds recreate this drink for football season, or just to kick off the entire month of September right please don’t forget to tag me on my socials! Facebook: @DeepFriedDiamonds | Instagram: @therealdeepfrieddiamonds



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  1. LLM says:

    Love This Drink for Fall!!!

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