An Awesome Autumn Charcuterie Board.

A few weekends ago I had been invited to a “charcuterie board and wine night” party by some of my high school friends that I used to spend very much time with when I was younger. Since it’s been so long since all of us got together to catch up, have girl time, and eat yummy pick food, I wanted to show up with something just perfect! Everyone was assigned to bring a board and a bottle of their favorite wine to share! There was SO MUCH food! All of us ate all night long and by the time we were heading out it still some what looked like we hadn’t even touched most of it! Lol. That’s part of the fun of course, though! The variety is what we all love, especially at any gathering or get together!

We really did put together a great spread to celebrate the beginning of the best season ever!

It was a night where we all got into our most comfiest pajamas, poured some wine, and shared amazing food that everyone put so much love into. We enjoyed different flavors of sliders, all kinds of charcuterie boards, delicious dips, and sweet little treats! No one would ever deny a night like this with their girlfriends laughing about all the crazy things they did when they were were young, and dumb. 😉

A good look at everything on this tray!

In the center of this photo I have placed a few cups of bright purple radicchio filled with spicy pimento cheese dip. Scattered around I have arranged ring bologna and sliced crinkled cut carrot disks for dipping!

What would a meat and cheese board be without grapes garnishing the platter?! I truly don’t think there could be a better choice of fruit for pairing with fresh cheese and aromatic wine. Concord grapes was my choice for this charcuterie board. They always make me think of the Fall season.

Of course you can’t have a meat and cheese board without cheese! I always do three cheeses. Sometimes more, but never less! As I mentioned before variety is key!

Three cheeses on this Autumn Board:

  1. Brie
  2. Chardonnay cheddar
  3. Muenster

Next to the Brie I placed some more ring bologna, jalapeno popper fish crackers, and ranch flavored almond crackers. These snacks are great for a nice salty, savory punch of flavor!

Sweet treats on a board are an absolute MUST! I love something sweet paired with my cheese. Always have, always will. Pumpkin roll was the perfect add on for this autumn themed board, along with some festive Halloween cookies, and gummy treats. I also included some thinly sliced honey crisp apples for a wonderful crunch.

With every single board that I put together I always always garnish. Whether that would be with greenery, herbs, or little nibbles of sugary goodness that I used all around on this awesome autumn charcuterie board! You could also use dried fruits, or tiny chunks of dark chocolate if you so choose.

Along with the three different types of cheeses, I decided to follow that up with two different types of meats. Besides the ring bologna, I piled on some spicy sopressata. Along with all of the crunchy, creamy, and sweet things happening, a hot and spicy add on is definitely more than welcomed!

If you are looking to throw a really fun night with your friends with good food to make great memories, this is the way to do it!! If planning and hosting really isn’t your thing, do not fret! This takes very little effort, and just about no time in the kitchen. As the party entertainer all you have to worry about is the getting the house prepped, the living room set up for this specific soriee, and arrange one charcuterie board of your choice while having each of your guests bring one upon their arrival. We all had so much fun and enjoyed all of the different boards that had showed up to the party as well. This is an event this season that you do not want to miss out on experiencing!

Happy Autumn, Diamonds! This is the perfect way to kick the season off!!

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  1. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful variety of foods 😋

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