Never Before Seen Nachos Grande Dip For Super Bowl Sunday!

This decadent, delicious dip is just waiting to be devoured at your next Super Bowl Bash!

There’s absolutely no question Diamonds! This nachos grande dip is outrageously incredible! It is the most outstanding dip you could create for a game day appetizer, or to of course be the star of the show because it definitely is a star worthy dish! This nachos grande dip has everything layered inside that you could ever want or need piled high on top of a regular order of nachos grande! I didn’t leave a single thing out, so there’s nothing to be missed here! I know a lot of people are very familiar with the infamous “taco dip” that everyone is always obsessed with when it’s served at parties and all types of gatherings. Thus, if you’re into that you’ll most likely fall in love with this dip that’s layered with all of your favorite nachos grande fixings! The biggest difference between that well known taco dip and this nachos grande dip is that the taco dip has cream cheese smeared all over the bottom as a base, where as mine has salsa con queso mixed in with seasoned ground beef. If you Diamonds love nachos or any type of Mexican-American cuisine, then you will be digging into this dip chip by chip until it’s gone.

If you’re undecided on some appetizers and things to serve on Super Bowl Sunday, even if you’re not having a huge get together, I’ve got you covered!

All of the ingredients you will need to create this divine dip that you will be devouring into!

  • One pound of fresh ground beef.
  • Chili con queso.
  • A package of your favorite taco seasoning.
  • A can of refried beans.
  • Guacamole. I wouldn’t recommend having to make your own for this recipe because it doesn’t pay to spend the time to make it from scratch if it’s going to be combined with so so many other ingredients and flavors. Purchasing a brand that you know and love will suffice.
  • A head of iceberg lettuce.
  • Red moneymaker tomatoes.
  • Green scallions.
  • A tiny red onion.
  • Your favorite hot salsa. As I said with the guacamole, you can make your own but it is definitely not necessary.
  • Shredded Mexican cheese for tacos.
  • Sour cream.
  • Pickled jalapenos. Even if the spice life isn’t for you, this ingredient is so necessary to me! It gives the dip that unbelievable punch of flavor at the end that it would be missing if these weren’t added on.

The first step for the layering process of this lovely layered and loaded nachos grande dip is by beginning with browning the beef.

  • Brown the ground beef in a sautee pan over medium-high heat.
  • When the meat is completely browned, add the entire jar of chili con queso and the entire seasoning packet, along with 1/2 cup of water.
  • After the meat and cheese have cooked for about five minutes so that the flavors can come together, turn the heat off and allow the mixture to cool so that everything else that’s being added into the dip doesn’t melt or become soggy.

How to layer the dip:

  • Start with a deep 9inch. casserole dish.
  • Spread the can of heated refried beans all along the bottom of the dish.
  • Pour the entire jar of hot salsa right over the refried beans.
  • Spoon the cheesy, beefy mixture right over the beans and salsa. Spread it out evenly so that you and your guests get all the cheesy goodness in every single bite.
  • To add even more cheese, were going to sprinkle the entire package of the shredded Mexican cheese right on top of the meat.
  • Then to act like glue to hold everything together as well as adding a creamy texture to the dip, spread an entire container of your favorite brand of sour cream all over the top.
  • For a pop of color, texture, and spice.. spoon on the whole container of guacamole spread.

Time to garnish the top with the good stuff!

  • Sprinkle half a head of shredded iceberg lettuce across the top.
  • Then layer small diced tomatoes over the lettuce.
  • Finished with small diced red onion and green onion.
  • Garnish with pickled jalapenos wherever you see fit.

Serve this sensational spread of endless nachos grande toppings that I turned into the greatest dip EVER with restaurant style tortillas and Dorito chips.

If you Diamonds serve this on Super Bowl Sunday your entire group of family and friends will be on cloud 9, even if their team walks off the field without a ring!

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