Pretty In Pink Valentine’s Day Popcorn Snack Mix!

The easiest and prettiest snack you could create this Valentine’s Day!

This popcorn snack mix is absolutely perfect for any of your Valentine’s Day celebrations this year! It has got everything you could possibly want inside, especially for a holiday like this. It’s buttery and slightly cheesy with pops of sweetness thrown in, which makes this mix truly an addicting treat. Most times when we think of a “treat” we tend to associate that with a dessert that’s full of sugar, sweetness, and loads of calories, but it doesn’t always mean that for me! A treat can be anything that gives you great pleasure and makes you feel joyful. I remember when I was young after I would get out of a doctors appointment my mom would drive me over to Wendy’s as a treat because it was my all time favorite fast food, and still is to this day considering the nostalgia it brings me! You can treat yourself with absolutely anything you would like whenever you feel like you need a little rewarding, and a reminder that there are really great gifts in this life. I honestly believe that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and those who are in love. It is for anyone and everyone to treat themselves, and this yummy bowl of crunchy goodness is the ultimate way to start!

Everything inside this popcorn snack mix:

  • Of course you’re going to want to start with a huge bowl of some sort. Then pour in half the bag of Valentine’s Day themed M&M’s for that “pretty in pink” flare.
  • I added the M&M’s first because I enjoy when you mix candies with hot popcorn and some of it begins to get a little melty from the heat.

While you’re getting the first step prepared, pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave. You could use whatever kind of popcorn you desire besides cheddar. As I did add some cheesy snacks to the mix, I don’t want one flavor over powering another.

  • Pour the popped popcorn over the M&M’S.

  • Drop in an entire small container of mini golden Oreos.
  • On top of the sweet stuff, it’s time to toss in some buttery, crunchy snacks! Butter snap pretzels are ideal for that flavor profile!

Now for the cheesiness!

  • Shake in a 1/4 bag of cheese buffs on top of the pretzels.
  • Lastly, add in 1/4 bag of white cheddar cheese crackers. I would definitely suggest you use white cheddar in this mix and not regular cheddar because that might really change the entire taste of the mix and we don’t want that! Regular cheddar has much more of a strong cheese taste and smell, and we’re going for a very mild flavor here.

For a little bit of fun I sprinkled some pink glitter sprinkles all over the top of everything and mixed it throughout. I think it gives the snack mix an extra pop that it needed, especially if you’re using it for a flirty function.

This snack mix is too pretty with all the pops of pink and the different shapes of each individual snack I tossed in! Aside from treating yourself, you could make this mix to treat everyone else in your life as well. This is the perfect festive snack for kids, teenage girls at their flirty and fun Valentine’s Day sleepover bash, or to munch on while you and your honey watch a movie on the couch once you’ve arrived home from your extravagant, romantic dinner. Although this snack does appear to be very girly and all about the day of love, you can certainly swap out the pink bag of M&M’S for a regular bag to be able to serve this yumminess at any type of party all year long! That’s one of my favorite things about food being mixed with creativity; you can really do whatever you want to make anything your own to fix the theme of an event, or just to appeal to your taste buds.



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    Looks yummy

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