Nutella, Brie, and Strawberry Jam Filled Puff Pastry Hearts!

What’s better than pastries filled with some fruity, chocolatey, cheesy goodness on Valentine’s Day?!

How freaking cute are these sweet and slightly savory puff pastry hearts for the holiday of love? These are the best way to celebrate the love you have for your friends, significant other, or even the members in your family. Every single person you make these for will fall instantly in love with them and in love with you, of course! Even if someone isn’t too much of a fan of one of the ingredients that’s filled inside of the pastry, the combination of all three together just makes for the most decadent flavor profile ever. It’s impossible not to be super fond of them. I think these are amazing for those Galentine’s Day parties and festivities that will be going on this weekend! They’re really easy to make and fun as well! You can either prep them before all of your girls arrive to your gathering, or you can wait to make them with everyone as an exciting activity to kick off the party while you pop the champagne to celebrate being strong, beautiful, badass women. These pretty and exquisite puffed hearts honestly remind me of something you’d get served at high tea at The Plaza Hotel in NYC, which if you know me Diamonds, you know that’s right up my alley! 😉

Start with your puff pastry sheets of course!

  • Allow the pastry sheets to thaw out for about a half hour so that you can easily work with the dough and cut out all of the heart shapes that you desire!

Cut out as many hearts as you can!

  • I was able to get 18 hearts from both of the sheets that came in the package which landed me with 9 puff pastry filled hearts total. If you’re having a lot of people over or you’re taking these somewhere where their will be tons of guests, you’ll need to pick up a few boxes of the pastry sheets.


  • The heart cut out made perfectly shaped hearts for these pretty pastries!
  • Spread a small glob of Nutella on half of the hearts, leaving the other half without anything on them so that you can have those to close the top.
  • Place a little square of brie cheese on top of the Nutella covered hearts.
  • Drop one teaspoon of strawberry jam, jelly, or preserves on top of the brie cheese.
  • Place the other pastry hearts on top of all the filling to make little “sandwiches”, if you will.
  • Using a fork, pinch the edges all around just like you would a pie crust or to peanut butter cookies before going in the oven.

Edges are secured!

Puff pastry always needs to be finished with an egg wash.

  • Whisk up one egg with a splash of water and voila! Your egg wash is complete. So easy, so simple, but it’s a necessity.
  • Use a silicone basting brush to egg wash each of the filled puff pastries.
  • After they’re all sealed and egg washed, place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Bake these hearts at 425 degrees for 15-18 minutes.

Look how golden brown, crispy, and melty these marvelous edible hearts look!

Garnish with mint on a pretty platter or board and you’ve got yourselves one of the best Valentine’s Day pastries a Diamond could ever ask for! 😉

I have one more Valentine’s Day post coming at you this week, along with another Super Bowl Snack so stayed turned for all of that.

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  1. Monch Weller says:

    Biting into a pastry with a random filling adds to the fun! You get a piece and you don’t know whether it’s a Nutella one, a brie one, or a jam-filled one.


    1. All three fillings are in every single pastry! They aren’t different ones, so all three ingredients are piled on top of each other and then closed with another piece of pastry, and of course baked. If you take notice at all of my pictures you can see that I am layering the ingredients on top of the puff pastry and all three are stuffed inside each.. The combination of these flavors are immaculate, especially for this specific holiday.


      1. Monch Weller says:

        Oh, okay — my bad. I stand corrected, then.


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