A Chocolate Covered Strawberry Parfait For The Very Best Valentine’s Day Morning.

What an absolutely incredible and romantic way to kick off Valentine’s Day morning! Sometimes Valentine’s Day is that certain type of holiday where you would enjoy getting served a huge, glamorous breakfast in bed. Although, there are many of us who still plan to get all dressed up and go out for a five course candlelit dinner. Unfortunately, when we do indulge in a big breakfast, we’re not insanely hungry when it comes time for that massive meal, so thats where you might think you have to make a sacrifice on either having breakfast in bed, or having an extravagant night out with the one you love. Fortunately, I am here to bless you Diamonds and let you know that you do not have to make any sacrifices for this charming holiday, whatsoever. This chocolate covered strawberry parfait is packed with everything you could ever ask for to wake up on this lovely morning. It is sweet, creamy, and filled with terrific textures to enlighten you for the rest of the day. The strawberry yogurt is layered inside of a chocolate coated cocktail glass, covered with fresh, bright red strawberries, and sprinkled with milk chocolate chips. It is so decadent and satisfying to your taste buds while still being light, and leaving you feeling thankful knowing that you’re going to be able to enjoy that extraordinary meal at that top notch restaurant that you’re in love with.

How to layer this pretty parfait:

  • Inside of a cooled cocktail or martini glass, drizzle chocolate syrup decoratively all around as you would inside of a sundae dish, or when making an iced coffee.
  • On top of the syrup at the bottom of glass, begin layering your favorite kind of strawberry yogurt.
  • Then, on top of the first layer of yogurt you can then start to layer sliced strawberries, chocolate chips, and then of course scoop another layer of strawberry yogurt to almost reach the rim of the glass.

Garnish with fabulous, fresh strawberries and finish with a small handful of milk chocolate chips that we used in the middle of the parfait.

Aside from Valentine’s Day, these would also be perfect as mini versions to serve at any type of party or as dessert after a beautiful brunch with your babes.

I hope you Diamonds have lovely and romantic holiday even if you’re just going to pour yourself a glass of wine, order in, and draw a bubble bath.



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  1. Jeanne Kistulentz says:

    Oh this looks so delicious.

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  2. Deb says:

    Happy Valentines Day ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy belated Valentines Day!


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