Concord Grape Sangria!

If you visit your local farmers Markets regularly in the Fall like I do, you’ll take notice that it is concord grape season! One of the best seasons for creating crispy cocktails to enjoy during football or holiday parties that will be coming up. Concord grapes are lusciously sweet, although I would much rather use them in drinks then actually eat them and I’ll tell you why! These specific grapes have really hard seeds in them that aren’t very small which makes eating them not too much of a pleasant experience. They are filled with an incredible, delicious juice that’s amazing for all kinds of juices, mocktails, and of course yummy alcoholic beverages if you’re over the age of 21! This is insanely perfect for those warm Fall days where you want to be festive and enjoy the brand new season, but the weather just isn’t the right temperature for all of that pumpkin, apple cinnamon goodness quite yet. If you’ve never celebrated grape season before, now is your chance! This is your sign Diamonds!

How to make this sangria:

Pour two cups of concord grapes into the bottom of a pitcher or carafe and muddle them so that the juices can extract from each grape leaving you with the most delicious grape flavor to infuse the sangria.

Pour in a full bottle of Pino Grigio. If you wanted your sangria to have a deeper flavor you can always use red wine but this flavor combination I did works perfectly.

Top with some bubbly lemon-lime soda and the juice of half of a lime! If you like your sangrias more tart than sweet you’re welcome to use the whole lime.

Give the sangria a good mix and allow it to sit in the fridge for at least an hour so that it could get super cold and the flavors can come together.

This sangria is so stunningly sweet, and downright sensational for this time of year! It’s going to be perfect to whip together for a girls get together, a date night out on the patio, or even to pack for a picnic in your favorite park where you first met the love of your life. Autumn is the ideal time of year to do flirty, festive activities to enjoy drinks such as this seriously wonderful sangria!



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