The Most Beautiful Board For Your Holiday Table!

Beautiful, bountiful boards are all that comes to mind when I think of a holiday table, holiday parties, or holiday get togethers with your girls or just a small group of your closest friends. Delicious and unique bites filled with creamy cheeses and savory meats are something that will never ever get old when it comes to hosting! Charcuterie boards are always going to be the hottest item at your event and I’ll tell you truthfully, they’re never going to go out of style! This incredible board that I created was for my whole family on Thanksgiving. I set it out about two hours before the main course was served and I was lucky I did because we really devoured a lot of what you see here. Even though this was my turkey day appetizer, it is definitely perfect for cocktail hour at your Christmas party, or to munch on mid afternoon Christmas day. It truly is ideal for absolutely any of your holiday festivities.

HOW I BUILT THIS BOARD: Starting with the cheese!

Unexpected cheddar.

  • This cheese is a combination of mild white cheddar and parmesan cheese. The texture is quite crumbly, but the flavor is seriously amazing! It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before in the best possible way. I actually love when a cheese crumbles because it’s easy to pick up and it gives you the option of taking a really tiny piece or possibly a bigger one. There is also a sweetness to the cheese when you’re enjoying it that just makes the experience even more magical.

Cranberry coated goat cheese.

  • I always love goat cheese during the holiday season, especially when they’re covered in festive flavors such as cranberries, rosemary, or even walnuts and honey. I love a tangy, soft cheese paired with a tart sweetness. It is unmatched!

Apricot stilton.

  • This cheese is more on the mild side and taste very much like a nice, rich cheddar. The apricots inside are a stunning surprise to the palette. It leaves you with a slightly sweet flavor wanting more. It is definitely delicious and goes great with white wine or a sensational sangria.

Triple creme brie.

  • I swear I cannot make a charcuterie board without adding brie to it. It’s almost near impossible for me. Ever since I tasted brie for the first time in culinary school years ago it has become one of my favorite cheeses. The burning question when it comes to this cheese is always “Can you eat the rind?” and the answer is 100% YES. Yes, you can eat the rind and honestly, it adds to bries specific flavor that all brie lovers adore.

The meats:

Since we used four different types of cheese with unlike textures and flavors I wanted to do the same with the meats!

  • Genoa salami – paired with the apricot stilton or cranberry goat cheese.
  • Sopressata paired with the brie or unexpected cheddar.
  • Spicy sopressata – paired with the expected cheddar or the apricot stilton. The sweet and spicy combination is dynamite!
  • Prosciutto – paired with the brie or cranberry goat cheese.

You can of course pair any of these cheeses with any of the meats, but there are ideal ways that you can combine flavors.

As for the spreads:

  • Eggplant appetizer – slightly sweet and very yummy! Incredible with the unexpected cheddar! I purchased this at a local Italian store. It is very similar to bruschetta, but it is filled with pieces of chopped eggplant. If you are an eggplant lover like myself, you will love this stuff.
  • Bruschetta – savory and filled with garlic and herbs. Awesome with the meats, stilton, and the unexpected cheddar. It’s good with the brie as well for a little unexpected flavor.


  • Jalapeno & garlic stuffed green olives – my all time favorite for charcuterie boards!
  • Truffle and sea salt Marcona almonds – truly decadent topped over any of the pairings you might create from this board.

Crackers and cookies:

Just like the brie, I cannot build a board without some crunchy crackers and some cute little cookies for a sweet bite next to all that savory goodness.

  • Water crackers. Perfect for anything.
  • Raisin rosemary crisps – So so amazing with the brie and goat cheese.
  • Creme filled short bread cookies.
  • Pumpkin spice batons. Rolled wafers with pumpkin cream inside.
  • Cinnamon bun kettle corn.

A board as beautiful as this one will have all of your guests, loved ones, and friends jaws dropped to the floor. I guarantee you.

Let the holiday board building commence!



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  1. Debbie says:

    A beautiful board with a nice variety to please all taste buds. Omg 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love making boards so so much so this comment is very much appreciated!!


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