Love Struck Lemonade!

Yes Diamonds, this does contain alcohol!

I would classify this drink as the ideal Valentine’s Day cocktail! Regardless of what you have planned or who you’re spending your special day with this beverage will definitely fit the bill. Whenever I think of Valentine’s day there are many things that instantly come soaring through my brain! Strawberries, raspberries, chocolate, fancy cocktails, expensive dinners, fondue, and some sexy attire, of course. Once I considered everything that flew into my mind about the holiday of love I chose which item I wanted to focus on. I realized I have never made a drink here on the blog containing raspberries, so that is exactly what type of recipe I wanted to share with you Diamonds today!

Ingredients for the crazy easy cocktail!

  • Muddles raspberries.
  • ICE, of course.
  • 1oz. of pink lemonade vodka.
  • Top with lemon lime soda.
  • Finish with a squeeze of fresh lime. If you’re not a lime lover you can use lemon.

It couldn’t be simpler to make or more stunning to look at!

This lemonade will definitely leave you feeling full of love.

There is nothing better on a holiday like this then to share an incredible cocktail with the person you love most. It doesn’t always have to be a romantic celebration, either! If you are single and living life to the fullest independently, then reason enough to celebrate! Enjoy this love struck lemonade with your mom, sisters, best friends, or even by yourself as you watch the most sappiest rom-com to ever exist. No matter who you’re drinking this beverage with just know they’re going to fall in love with it more and more after each sip. Perhaps, they’ll fall more in love with this drink then they are with you, 😉

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I will be blessing all of you with more content like this within the next two weeks so stayed tuned.



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